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Does anyone have any field experience with or know of any FF's who have actually been rescued from a building utilizing the DRD? This is the harness sewn into the collar of new turnout coat systems.

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all experience is good experience, but always more valuable if it is passed on
stay safe
We just got all new gear bought with a AFG grant and we have many drills and training on using the DRD we encourage the members to use it for rit training. WE have Mayday traing were the members have to rescue a fireman by using the DRD you can never train to much on a new piece of equiment.
Chief, I have had a few issues with it. We were training and a few students got it caught on nails when breaching a wall. I must also let you know that it was tucked in. Todd
I can second this. We were doing some low profile emergency escape training and mine became entangled twice, in two different scenarios. This is a new addition to my department's gear so no one else had a DRD, so I don't know if they would've had the same problem as me. I was able to untangle myself from it but it definetly slowed me down. Food for thought I guess.
In developing the "yoc Strap" Yocco drag resue device, It was assumed the downed firefighter was incapacitated and probably unconscious. The first pull of the DRD should be fast and hard to set high on the shoulder and armpit. A DRD training coat with armpit padding or a dummy[ rookie new john] would be ideal. Pain was not the issue. Easy deployment in a dark smoke filled envirement. Fast escape with the victim. Is the goal. You are on the right track in your training chief.
Denny Corr

Anthony Avillo said:
we did alot of work with the device yesterday and came up with some cool stuff --- will be in an article in july or so
by the way, the straight vertical pull nearly strangled the guy who was playing the victim -- all his weight winds up under his arms and it causes his chin to ride up and his head to cinch down -- can see why it is not recommended for vertical pull

The problem that I see with the DRD is the snag potential. As with your pet piev on helmet straps mine is on the amount of crap we carry on our turnout that has the potential to get caught to me this is just one more thing that could get us in trouble(after all lets try not to get ourselves into trouble in the first place). I've found during drill that using the pack and a short piece of webbing proves to be effective. If the team needs assistance getting the member up the stairs you could run a rope down and threw the downed members scba and rig a quick 2:1 system it sounds like alot especially in the dark but it actually goes quite smooth. Hope all is well. Anthony.
good point ant but while the members are fumbling with the webbing in the zero visibility, i can have the strap deployed and start the pull The 2: 1 and the riggging can be done by the RIC while I am pulling the guy closer to them -- it is the best of both worlds

the DRD is not the total solution but aquick attempt to fix a problem in a desperate situation
i would race u (or any RIC team) on this anyday
we just puttogether some trainngminutes on the DRD and the @:1 drags -- check them out -- they will be up soon
be safe
The DRD is to be used in an emergency. Common sense tells you if you are dragging a coat over a rough surface it will tear the coat. Depending on what you outer shell is it could be worse. Also there are some variations in were the exact location of the DRD is. Some would make it very dificult to be used. Others have it in the collar so it can be deployed more easily.

Just some toughts

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