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Here is a short but good video from our friends at Brotherhood Instructors and Urban Firefighter Magazine on taking the window.

Do yourself and those inside a favor, take the entire window.

Train and stay safe.

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How often do we all see the front picture window of a house fire, with a nice h*** in the middle and glass all around it. Improper venting guys, Like video shows take the whole window, if breaking the glass is needed. We have to open up, so take an extra few seconds to do it right! It might mean life or death if a Brother gets jammed up. After the fire is knocked, try to open the window before doing more damage, by breaking glass, I like doing it too, but it can boost our rep with the public, think about it!

Stay Safe!
Glass is cheap, our lives are not nor are those still inside! It's understandable to vent windows and in the few seconds it takes to do it correctly. We need to be tactful in in window selection and not to take every window if we don't need to is common sense. I think it's easier to explain why we took out windows at a fire than to explain to someones family why a brother or someone in the home died. The insurance company will pay for the damages to the structure!

In all that we do, it should be to do it right everytime and make it count!

Thanks for posting this Jason!
-I've been saying this for years. Take the entire window.
-Breaking one pane is vandalism, taking the entire is professional firefighting.
Very well put brother Bricault
That's a great saying. Thanks for you input.

Michael Bricault said:
-I've been saying this for years. Take the entire window.
-Breaking one pane is vandalism, taking the entire is professional firefighting.
Brick does have a way with words. If you're going to any job on the fireground whether it be vent a window or stretch a line, do it right, others depend on it being done right the first time, we don't get do overs in our line of work!

Stay Safe

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