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Has anyone ever changed out the inner liner of a sam houston? If so, how big of a pain in the a#& is it?

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I would repost this in the Leatherheads Group and you should get some feedback. The hard part is the brass rim that holds it in and it's a repair that if you do yourself, may void the warranty or any issue if you were to get hurt or worse killed bcause the helmet malfunctioned. In my opinion I would let the factory or someone who is qualified to do repairs to under take that task since your life depends on your lid.

I thought I had a article from MSA on helmet repair and now I can't find it...ugh! It says you can send it back to the factory, which I believe they are doing repairs in NC. You can call the MSA factory customer service line for instructions. I know it's about 50 bucks or so depending on what needs to be done not including shipping. I included the manual and on pages 9-14 it covers maintenance. Page 13 talks about leather repairs.
-Brian, I have changed the liner on several leather helmets and its not that hard. It seems intimidating at first but it is rather easy. Drop me a line on my page and I can give you the step by step.
-Changing the suspension system is a little more challenging but not to bad either. Patience is a must because though it is rather easy it is tedious and very time consuming; couple of hours.
-If you aren't comfortable doing the work there are a few options. is one or the factory is another. Both expensive and take a lot of time.
-Doing the repairs or changing the liner yourself is not that difficult, just time consuming, but not nearly as time consuming or expensive as paying someone else to do it. Personally I enjoyed the work and in the end the helmet was back in service much faster.
Anyone ever thought of becoming an MSA C.A.R.E. person for the Cairns helmets? They have a class at the factory. I wonder if I can get a sponsor to send me?
-Brad, this is news to me. Where can I find out more info on this?

Brad Hoff said:
Anyone ever thought of becoming an MSA C.A.R.E. person for the Cairns helmets? They have a class at the factory. I wonder if I can get a sponsor to send me?

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