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We are looking into possible purchase through AFG award.  Looking for opinions (Pro's or Con's) of users of this system.  

Thanks Chad

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Our department has been using Action Training (computer based) for the last couple years and we like it. It is installed on the server so it can be accessed from both stations and the training grounds. We have about every module they offer.

We use the Pump Operations for those that are beginning to check out on trucks and the Aerial Operations for those starting on the ladders. This provides a consistent didactic portion to cover the basics and the theories before they start working on the apparatus. Gives them a base line to start with.

We also use it for make up training, some group training (First On Scene) and for those that just want to keep on learning.

The benefits of Action Training is that the members can do it at their pace, you can add in some of your own information, you can create your own programs by putting together their different sections and you can track each users progress. It is also nice when you buy the CBT that it includes all the videos so you don't have to buy those separately.

The initial purchase may seem kind of steep because you are buying access to the computers. This is the only limiting factor on Action Training. If you buy access for 4 computers you can only have up to 4 computers running Action Training at one time. The different lessons are reasonably priced and you can add them once you get the basic licensing taken care of. When we add a station down the road we can easily purchase access to another computer and it will be business as usual for us.

The administrator application can do a lot with this system but it does require some forethought on how you want to set some things up. You can also go back and change it.

I cannot say enough positive things about their customer support. All I know about computers is how to check e-mail and play Freecell but these guys help me understand what I'm doing with the system. When we had IT install it so Action Training would be accessible from all our locations they also had positive comments about the customer support.

I have been speaking to them about EMS and ARFF modules and they are starting to work on EMS I believe. Due to deployment it's been a while since I spoke with them. They think this stuff through and don't just jump right into it. From talking to their representatives I know that weekly they submit a report for the owner so they can address the needs that arise.

If you have a chance to speak with Action Training at a trade show I would highly recommend it. This will give you a good feel for what the system can do. They will also be more than happy to speak with you on the phone and maybe do a "Go To Meeting" type of presentation on line with you.

Overall I highly recommend this system. Pros: Good product, great support, diverse lesson library, give you the option to show just he videos for training. Con: Initial price due to computer licensing but I also consider it a good investment toward training.

Let me know if you have any questions,

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