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Thanks again to all that helped me back in January. I took every advice given from getting the Arco Firefighter Exam Book, visiting fire houses and talking to them, watching videos here on Fire Engineering, etc.

Now I'm in the process of scheduling my CPAT. I need that before i take the exam which is Sept 19,2009.

On the firefighter qualifications i meet everything but there are 2 that i just dont understand which are:

Must be able to certify Paramedic (EMT-P)
Must have ability to obtain certification as EMT-B/D or I

Thank you and hope to hear from you guys.

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The must have ability to obtain part is what confuses me. are they saying you have to have it or simply can obtain it? and by when? That is vary vague, I would contact the dept just to clarify so that it doesnt goof you up come exam time. Have you checked out the cpat study guide online yet? not a bad idea to get you to see what you can expect. If your not already doing so I would recommend training almost every day on either a stair machine or climbing stairs. you will be required to do so for I believe 10 minutes with a 75 lb vest on. The rest of the stations arnt that bad however when you get to the ceiling breach station do not try to do it with your upper body by this point your arms are going to be mush. The best way I tell people to do it is grab the pike pole and use your legs and knees. It works so much easier than your upper body, because your using your weight to do the job on the pull part and your knees are still good for the push part. If you cant find the cpat online let me know and I will send you what I have. Dont worry about the maze either its a piece of cake, its basically a "c" shaped structure you have to crawl in, their is only one or two things in their but you really dont even have to give it any thought to complete it its pretty easy. The hardest part of the test for me was the stair climb, you cant touch the rails, and your on it for ten minutes and its boring so your mind starts to wander. I always had problems psyching my self out on that station. Just keep your cool pace your self and youll do it fine. Im happy to hear your making progress on your dream. Good luck and keep me posted on how things are shaping up.

I don't have the application in front of me but I believe the department wants you to obtain your EMT and Paramedic certification. The way you have it worded I don't think it's a requirement prior to employment but rather a condition of employment once you get hired.

I would call human resources/administration and find out for sure. Good luck bro.


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