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I am looking for some type of sound effects to be used in advanced scba drills. the sounds that i would like to find include: fire, smoke detectors, call for help, axe use, chain saw use, sledge hammer use, radio traffic, evacuation tones, etc. I do not have the knowledge or equip to combine them can anyone help???? all suggestions are greatly apperiated. thanks and be safe.

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i would try to find the sound effects and put them on an ipod then you can pick the sounds you want to use... also try using real sounds its not hard to put guys in a field and have them follow the sound of a saw or a hose line operating(use multiple hose lines and tangle them up a little and have them advance to the nozzle team to realive them this could easily have them get used to feel for water flowing through a line rather just following sounds...-john
I use two things together if you can, first i use an radio tuned to static as loud as it can be turned up. Second, we have a training tower, I use a deck gun to lob water on to the tower. The water runs through the tower and falls like rain on the firefighters, also it creates a loud enough noise that student have to yell over the noise.
Hey, this may sound silly but we take to metal roaster lids and rub them together. This makes it very loud and hard to communicate while training with your SCBA during search drills.
Add me as friend, and I can send you some sounds in an e-mail
Get some cheap smoke detectors and set them off. I'm considering having some hard wired detectors, minus the battery, hooked up in our tower and search building that can be shut off with a light switch.
Can you get the tape from dispatch of a couple busier calls you have had then replay them? During training record the different sounds you want as guys train and then use those.
You can get a small tape recorder and put it next to your computer speakers. Then, play some youtube videos of real fire incidents and record them. There are plenty of authentic sounds out there. Most of the small tape recorders are digital and can hold hours of sounds. You can also plug in your computer speakers into a headphone jack to make things louder.
Good Luck!

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