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What if a Officer gives a firefighter an order to perform a task, and the firefighter tells you no that he/she feels it is not safe. How do you address this on the emergency scene, if through your training, knowledge and experience feel that the order is safe and will make a significant outcome on the scene?

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First, my crew has been trained to make decisions if they can’t what will they do if I’m not there? Second the FF had better give a good and quick answer to why they said no. Because I do not all ways see everything. If they just don’t want to work they don’t have to. Send them to the truck for the rest of the call. It is better to work with three guys that want to help than with one that wants to complain or argue. After the call if the FF was truly in fear for there life then TRAIN. If they were giving you a hard time that is not the place and I would see that they never put my crew in danger again. Ether way document it!
I agree with T. Rhudy. If one of my guys told me no, and I know he is a solid guy who really wants to work, I would definately take it under advisement because I do not see everything and I trust and depend on these guys. But, if I know this guy is less than desirable and is known for scamming to get out of work, I would send him back to the apparatus. Sometimes less is more when it comes to FF's like that. I will run short before I harm my guys with someone who we can't depend on. After the incident, we would discuss his choice and my decision privately. we would train on the incident through critiques as a group and I would document everything.
I will add to that. I agree with all the recommendations so far. If he's a good guy I would consider the same. If he is a slug and doesn't want to work sure I'd send him to the truck, but I wouldn't stop there. If the Firefighter is a know dirt bag I'd follow up with disciplinary actions, at least write him/her up and document the incident. If you keep sending them back to the truck that is what he wants anyway to get out of work.


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