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In our department, The first due Operator usually pulls the first line. The reason for this is with a 3 person engine and no truck company, the Captain does a 360 walk and the FF sets up for forcible entry. This leaves the Operator to pull a pre-connect to the front door. Although I do not believe the pre-connect is always the right line, it is the most common stretched line we have.

What do YOU do?

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We run a 3-man engine co. at work and on all alarms it is now policy for all companies to respond. That means, we get 1 truck co., 2 additional engines and a Batt. Chief. (We have 3 stations-4 companies.) If we are first due, I'll pull the attack line and flake it out myself while the Capt. investigates. Unfortuantely, it is not a common practice for members to carry tools (this is my biggest pet peeve--CARRY TOOLS!!). The Engineer is suppose to check the hose bed and check for kinks behind me.
We also run 3 man engines, but they usually arrive with (or at least in close succession with) a second piece (2 man brush pumper). Our crew has assigned riding positions, one of which is the nozzlman. The Engine boss also does a 360, the pump operator is responsible for correct engine placement, water into the pump (and charging the line when ordered), and all the line with the exception of the nozzle side 50ft (we have 200ft crosslay pre-connects). Then nozzleman is responsible for getting the nozzle and his 50ft of working line (or more if the stretch warrants it) into the correct position indicated to him by his officer (usually the front door). The two person second piece is responsible for the door, and then they fall into position on the line for the attack. We are currently in the process of putting truck companies (dedicated) back on track (thank God), so the FE position may fall to them in the future, leaving the second piece to help get the line into place more efficiently.
The firefighter on the engine stretches the first line while the officer does a 360 walk around. We run 3 man engine and truck companies. Our ambulance company will bring the irons incase we need to force entry.
The nozzle firefighter (backwards facing directly behind the officer) always stretches the line and the driver assists in clearing it from the bed and flaking it out. The driver also grabs the Irons off the engine and takes them to the front door. Once the officer finishses his 360 if the Truck company hasn't already forced the door the officer and firefighter will team up and force it. It works pretty good with 3 man staffing you have to get creative.


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