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In the past years our department has been somewhat behind the times when it comes to training. We skated along, doing a job here and there and doing and being pretty average at them. I noticed that with our low income fire district, there had to come a high level of pride in order to keep our trucks, PPE, tools, and everything else that should be in a museum  that we use up and operational.  With this I realized that our men are willing to put forth the effort to be the best. Sense this day we have had organizational meetings every quarter to plan for the next quarters training.

We now put on more than enough fire training for our men to recertify their FF cards without the NEED to go to outside classes. We train hard and train the way we do it on a job and it has become amazing.  As a Captain I am able to watch our men go to work and be more proud of them than I ever have been. This is an amazing experience and will continue to fill me with pride on every job. These firefighters aren’t career guys at all, they are 100% volunteers and the only ones left in our county!

With this random rant nearing an end I will get to my point. Please keep the faith! If you are a chief officer, company boss, or a line guy, remember that this is the greatest job in the world and in spite of how hard it might be at times it will go on. Have confidence in your men and their willingness to do the job! Push them to the point that they can’t go anymore, then push some more. The ones that don’t like to train……… well they aren’t even a problem, they’ll weed themselves out, trust me. Our attitudes, brotherhood, and friendships have blossomed due to this training. KEEP THE FAITH. Do not throw around the word “BROTHER” if you aren’t. It’s not a word, it is a feeling, and it’s a willingness to drop everything to help a Brother with whatever he needs. It’s not just a word, its action. Be your Brothers keeper.

I had nearly lost the faith; don’t let it happen to you! Make the difference!


Keep the faith!

Train Hard, Train Real, and Train as often as you can!!

The mutts will move on

The Brothers will grow

And you community will reap the benefits


Capt. Dan Rice

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Well said Capt. Very well said!!!
Thanks Matt


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