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Hi Everybody, if any of you are hunters I am sure the fall season has started throughout the country. I am deep into my bowhunting season, got my first antelope buck, now chasing elk and deer. In Feb. of 2011 I will be hosting a firefighter bowhunt for wild hogs in Texas with the Wensel brothers. Every year they have their annual " Pig Gig" and blocked off a week for me to fill with firefighters. If anyone is interested let me know. Good hunting, Kevin

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I am interested. How many people can you accommodate?

Hi Diane, we have openings for 15< just got the details, $650 if you tent camp, $795 if you want a bunk. It will be at a ranch about 12 miles North of Albany TX, about 2 and a half hours West of Dallas. We got into them pretty good last year.
Diane Feldman said:
I am interested. How many people can you accommodate?

I love to camp; if you want we can share a tent...;)
Just got back from training in Pahrump, NV< great Dept., always have fun teaching there. Now, back to what's important. I made two meals from the antelope I got, and they were great. I have a tag for a doe antelope, and after tasting the one I got I am going for another. I will head to North Central Mt to the zone I drew, but it is rifle season for antelope, and although the bow is my passion, I want to fill this tag as soon as possible so I can head out to Eastern Mt. with the bow to chase whitetail bucks again. Anybody else having any luck yet this season?
It is Jan., 2010 season is over, 2011 to begin soon, this week I hope with some coyote hunting.  Starting to make some plans with friends for the pig hunt.  Spoke to Dan, firefighter in Pahrump, NV,  he is looking forward to his first hog hunt.  I will be getting down there a little early, set some corn out ahead of time, and set up some pop up blinds if anyone wants to sit on bait.  We also corn the roads( in Texas hunting language the word corn is a verb, to corn the road, corn the field, etc.) to get the hogs coming in before the hunters arrive.  There are still openings, go to if interested, Happy Hunting, Kevin
Home from the hog hunt, had a great time, two coolers full of pork, borrowed a smoker, and have back straps smoking now.


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