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What do you know about Liquid Graphite (SP?)?

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Tell me about Dihydrogenated Tallow Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride.

With a spark can this start a fire and will this make a fire spread rapidly?

I really need your help with this one

Dihydrogenated tallow dimethyl ammonium chloride is an organic ammonium salt - it doesn't have a vapor pressure, so there's not enough vapor to readily burn. It does have organic fragments, so it can be fuel, if it gets hot enough.
Im sorry but could you please use your real name, this is a tradition in the community that is a must todd
Hi Todd,

Seems like the flash point is 25 degrees celsius, and it autoignites at 385. However, the explosive limits stand between 2 and 13%, so a small spillage can give you an explosive atmosphere pretty fast unless you cool it. Solubility is not bad at 100 grams per liter, and it will float on top of water, so foam looks like the best precautionary measure. The gases given off on heating are toxic and corrosive. I have not found anyone around here (yet - I am looking!) using this particular material, so I cannot give you any more direct observations or experience. Regarding sparks yes, it is flammable and a spark can set it off.
Very good brother! With the odor part it is odorless per the CAS, so most likely it would not give off an smell. Also if I remember correctly over 52,000 workers use it. You do agree with me that a spark can cause a fire? & You do agree with me that this will cause fast spread to a fire? Todd
I do agree on the spark - but more than a fire, I would be worried about an explosive atmosphere forming, since it has a low flash point and the LEL is rather low. The substance itself melts at 135 degrees, so it will start giving off gases and spreading while burning right after ignition, so I also agree on the fire spreading problem.


Excellent and thank you so much, this would confirm my belief of explosions at a fire. Todd


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