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Looking for some new ideas to test probies...ok all of our knowleadge of equipment location. I have done the 3x5 cards. Any things you guys do?

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I like to play a type of truck jepordy. Ask a guy where a tool is and have him go to the truck to find it, with you following behind. You all most have to make sure the guys have a few days to study the truck prior and then the "jepordy".This works good on rookies since they want to try to show their really into the world of fire, and they fear looking stupid to their superiors. This method worked good for us and it usually sticks with you, doesnt hurt nto have them go through the truck once a week to keep fresh as well. Detailed truck inventorys work well to but those are boring and more times than none they will just veg out while doing it, so thats hit and miss.
Hope this helped take care
I like it. Add in a mocha for the winner and most guys will jump at it. Thanks for the info.
Check out the Drill I Learned the Most From in this group. It is a great mentoring exercise for apparatus familiarization and locating equipment.

Bill, Here is something I've used quite a bit. It takes the more passive guys and draws them in if there is something tangible at stake.

   Got a soda machine in the fire station? Do this armed with a lot of quarters in your pocket to make change.

Take a group of guys, four would be about the limit at one time, out to the bay where the rig is parked with all the compartments closed. Have them stand in front of a compartment with compartment door closed, and ask one of them to name one item that's in that compartment. Of course, everybody is going to be able to name something in their as long as they are first. Have the next guy name an item in that same compartment. Go round robin until none of them can come up with anything that hasn't already been named. As soon as someone names something that you know is NOT in that compartment (and they will) challenge them to the tune of a soda. Now would be the time to tell them that they can challenge each other the tune of a soda as well. When the challenge is put out there, just make a note of it and continue on. When they feel they've named everything in that compartment, open it up and check whats in there against the list of items they've just named. Note the status of any "challenges" and keep a tally of who owes who how many sodas. Of course it doesn't have to be a soda, it could be just a quarter. This keeps them engaged and has always worked pretty good for me. It really isn't about the loss of a buck or so, it's about the challenge and firefighters hate being wrong. This sharpens up the old hands who don't like being shown up by the youngsters, and of course the youngsters just love beating their senior man out of a soda. Everybody wins at this because everybody learns from it. P.S. I've yet to see a crew name everything in a compartment.  -TJP


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