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Here's a couple to get started

1. There are no time-outs or do-overs in this buisness
2. Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm -- Emerson
3. No one respects the flame like the fool who's badly burned -- Pete Townsend
4. To go nowhere, follow the crowd
5. It only takes a solitary light to lead a thousand ships in from the darkness
6. Anger is only 1 letter short of danger
7. Do not follow in the footsteps of others, instead, create a new trail and leave a path

many more to follow
stay safe

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From my wife: Listening does not mean waiting for your turn to talk

From my Dad: You already know what you know, if you want to learn anything new you need to listen.

You have very few things in life that are actually yours. Two of them are your reputation and your credibility. If you have these, protect them at all cost. If you don't, do everything within your power to establish them.
1 "Leaders lead by the power of their example, not the example of thier power"
2 "Never relinquish basic firemanship skills in lieu of technology. Even the most advanced technology can not make up for poor tactics and judgments. "
3 "Last time I checked, a bachelors degree never put out a fire"
here's one from Bono -- has nothing to do with fire but I have always thought it was way cool
""The God I believe in isn't short of cash"

Saw another good one today
"No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible"
In and insane world only the insane are sane.

Train like you want to fight.

If you're head doesn't work the rest of you has to.
Here are a few I have heard along the way in my career,

Slow is smooth and smooth is fast! A smooth decision makes for a fast action.

A quint is always 25ft short from reaching a roof and 400gallons short of getting the fire out!

Life is short, so don't stand up.(from an un-motivated probie)
On our way back from a little fire today we stopped to have lunch. We were not aware how much we smelled until we sat down in the diner. As the waitress approached I apologized for the smell of my crew. This is her quote and I loved it.

"Oh honey, honest dirt always washes off. You guys smell like honest work me."

Just a thought...

A good firefighter can become a good officer, a good firefighter can become a bad officer, a bad firefighter will NEVER become a good officer.
One more,

Never take a no from someone who does not have the authority to say yes.
Heard every 4th day in the firehouse here by one of our Truck Officers

"Everyday is a good day, some are just better than others"
This is a TRUE story. It happend a long long time ago. We, Pethoud, Thobe, Fritz and the late Tommy Leslein were responding to an activated FIRE ALARM at the Davenport Bank building, we were responding as E-3,in a Reserve Engine, which was a 1962 Peter Pirsch open cab. It was raining cats and dogs, lightening too. I was kneeling facing foward behind Lt. Thobe,(There were NO seatbelts in the rig, ) I was trying to keep what rain I could from going down my neck. We were issued the coal bucket style of helmet. Pethoud was driving and I felt him downshift as we approached Locust Street, All of a sudden Lt. Thobe turned in his seat and said very loudly "Gee, I hope we don't kill this guy!" And BAM! We hit this Ford Bronco, Knocking him into the 7-11 lot!
Not a quote, but a great bit of advice.
Two bulls are in the field, a father and son, the son looks over the pasture and sees a heard of cows and turns to his father and excitedly says, "Dad lets run down there and f**k one of those cows!" The father calmly replies, "No son why don't we walk down there and f**k all the cows."
The secret to being more revered than resented is to display a self-deprecating humor, unpretentious demeanor, and an unagressive style. Franklin on participating in converstions.


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