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On major fires, what does your department do with the chief officers who respond? Do they come as part of an additional alarm or as part of mutual aid? Do you have to request them or do they come as part of the package? Once on scene, what do they do? Do they come dressed in gear and ready to go or wander in with their hands in their pockets? Do they freelance? (Chiefs are often the worst at this if you don't control them). Do they form an opinion brigade at the front of the building and stand there in a conga line doing nothing? What happens if you, God forbid, give them something to do or someplace to oversee? Are they cooperative or do they look at you like you have three heads? What is the best way to utilize them for maximum Chief-ery efficiency and firefighter safety?
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A good question. As you have likely experienced, if assignments are not predetermined or given upon arrival, Chiefs are still firemen and they will find something to do.

Our first arriving Battalion Chief is the IC. The second arriving Chief is assigned to the spot with the most critical need for direct supervision, usually to the attack group. If that need is not there, he will become the Safety Officer, The third Chief will take the Safety Officer spot if not filled by the second Chief.

On a box alarm, we beef-up RIT by adding an engine, a truck or squad and a Chief. Additional Chiefs respond and are assigned as needed. On a second alarm, an overhead team of chiefs responds to staff plans, logistics, safety and additional functions as needed. These responses are all pre-assigned through our State-wide mutual aid system, MABAS.
Hi Anthony. In the City of Albuquerque we are very blessed in that we have an old school mentality when it comes to staffing. We are heavy on staffing and run four man engines and ladders.
An initial dispatch to a residential fire includes 3 engines, 1 ladder, 1 heavy rescue, 1 haz mat squad for manpower, 2 rescue/ambulances and 2 battalion chiefs. For muti story or multiple occupancy there will be 2 or even 3 ladders assigned.
The batt chiefs set up a command post together where they run and track the incident, resources and manpower. They do not get involved in any hands on applications-ever.
no one in the bldg? everyone at the CP?
who supervises the captains during large ops
is there ever a span of control issue at multiple alarms?


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