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Good afternoon fellas,
I hope you are all well. I have a question; I am getting rid of the Working Fire Dvd's we use and I am looking for something to replace them. Is anyone using any good 'T.V.' training out there that would be a decent sub for the Working Fire stuff? I have all the IFSTA books and all the Delmar info on my computer, I would like something the boys and girls can 'pop' into the T.V. and get some good visual training.

Thanks all and stay safe,

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First off I’m curious why you’re getting rid of the Working Fire DVD’s? We get them and if you use them properly they can give you things to “What if” and talk about how your department would have handled the different calls and the training is interesting. Check out: Fire & Emergency Training Network™ (FETN) it has been many years since I watched it. The cops had signed up and we where able watch it when they where not. In looking at their web site I remembered the American Heat part. The topics they have listed for this year look like good ones. It’s been to many years ago since I’ve seen any of the shows to tell you if they are still good and worth the $$$ or not.
We had FETN for two years, left it becouse it cost to much for what you get. We now have the Working Fire, its about the same thing only a fraction of the cost. Not sure if you will find anything cheaper or better than Working Fire as far as a monthly thing goes. Now there are great videos out there but they are a one time purchase and cost quite a bit. We just purchased the FE Bread and Butter DVDs it was about $260.00, the Working Fire was around $500.00 for 18 months.
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