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You must read this to understand. Please let me know what your thoughts are regarding this situation. (See the picture)

Here is the link :

What would you do different?

Check out this topic in the group called HazMat Training and News

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Uhm...this is supposed to be a drum that has been in water for who knows how long, and contains who knows what? And these guys are just casually looking at it? Right off the bat, isolation until they have a positive ID on the substance!

This brings back my personal opinion that all firefighters should be given more in-depth HAZMAT training and information than they might otherwise get.

Be safe out there,

Brother your on it! This is not to bash anyone just to help educate us as firefighters Todd
I would be interested in knowing the local industry for that area. Some food substances such as liquid corn starch are packaged in just that type of container. Not withstanding with out proper lableing you just don't know without positive id. Overpack drum sealed and held outside of the firehouse until EPA can assume responsibility for the container. Plastic saves the day again. Hey, at least they notified someone and didn't just through it in the dumpster, which is another option.
Educate our selves with this, how important is it for us to know what to do and how to do it. I asked the question of How often do you and your guys train on the ERG. Mostly I got answers stating that it was once a year!!!!!!!!!!! Now lets take a look back at this and say HEY WE NEED TO PICK UP OUR ERG and train a little more on HAZMAT!!!!!!!!!!

You all have great replies and I am glad to hear that you folks would not have made the same mistake. This was never meant to bash anyone, but it was meant to educate us!
Bill & Mike: Feel free to join the group called HazMat News & Training, I really would liek to hear what oyu ahve to say Todd
Sure, will do - thanks for the invitation!
Remind me not to move to Fredericktown. Unbelievable..I take that back...totally believable.
Bruce; Maybe we can look at this in way we could help them and train them so we all can learn. Todd McKee

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