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How many working structural fires do you respond to in a given year? Don't count food-on-the-stoves if it only smokes up a house or apt. Actual fire where a line is pulled. Honest replies only!

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We respond to 5 to 7 at year counting mutual aid.
Not that many because like grapes they come in bunches. Sometimes 6 - 10 a year to sometimes not one. I went a whole year once without responding to a true fire.
Depends on the year the past couple of years it was between 5 to 7?
In our first due we get around 10-15 a year. Mutual aid bumps up the number to around 20+. Although many of our mutual aid workers are farm related, (barn, machinery shed, etc.), so most of these are defensive on arrival. But, so far this year we haven't lost a building in our first due. So far so good.
I just looked back in the run book a couple of months ago and I counted 47 just for the turn that I work and only from my station. It’s been getting slow for us lately. Now on the south end of the city, they probably got about 100 per turn give or take a few. That’s working house fires.
My Dept usually goes to approx 25 working fires a year many other smaller
My FD had 17 working fires last year, about average. We have had 16 since January 1. I respond to almost all of them, maybe missing 2 or 3 a year.
we are in the same boat as most of you- 5-12 "good working jobs" a year. How many medicals and crashes do you respond to?? ours are 80% of the call volume, the rest is smells, bells, service calls, etc....

On the average about 10 to 15. These include mutual aid calls.
we do about 100 MVA's per year and about 5300 EMS calls.
On my paid department we do about 8 to 10 structural fires a year on my volunteer department we do between 20 and 30 in a years time. I personally have responded to 12 structure fires in the last year.
I've been to 2 fires in the 10 months I've been with my paid department. Both of them could have been "can jobs". We don't respond to very many and we certainly "DO NOT DO ENOUGH TRAINING".

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