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Hello New Jersey,

Just a question on how many times a month companies /Depts Train, how you cover the disciplines you have trained for, to maintain your skill levels and where ie, in house, Fire Academy, aquired structure,homemade props etc. Also if more than one company in the Dept do they train with you?

STAY SAFE !! Dennis

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My company traines 3 times a month ( Wednesday nights except meeting week) and alternates between the disciplines
we have trained for.1st Wed EMS (all phases BLS), 3rd Wed Fire/ Rescue,(suppression, rescue, haz-mat, water/ice, confined space, rope rescue,Vehicle X), 4th Wed or last Wed of the month is inspection of all equipment that includes apparatus, breathing apparatus (incluiding mask), Turnout Gear (all, including harnesses), EMS, Rope,confined space etc, and document and log all information. Each task is rotated between members so it becomes a training refresher on its use and care. We have an opean door policy to the dept. We train in house and any where our services can potentally be needed. We make our own props and use existing props, one we find very usefull is the playgrounds throughout the town because each one is different and creates a different challenge(very good for SCBA confidence). We also travel to Mon Cty FA and surrounding towns. If we train on a weekend, we drop the wed night. We found this to keep us in touch with our families as well as maintaining our skills and friendships as a crew.

STAY SAFE !! Dennis
We train on the average 3 times a month. We train two Wednesday nights a month and two Sunday mornings a month this breaks it up so you don't miss every Wednesday or Sunday at home. We are a Truck Company so we train on all different facets of truck work. I try and make each month key on a different discipline while also intergrading our other skills. Since we are a Truck Company almost every drill starts with throwing a ladder or two. We have made a lot of different props to use in-house ie: Low Profile, Forcible Entry, and Ventilation. We also do training at alternate locations Fire Academy, other Company Stations, Town owned Buildings, and even have done drills at a local Quarry.
I will try and post some pictures of our props (not the best quality, but they work) on this group page. Any one else with any easy to build props please post also. I am big on drilling and always looking for ways to challenge the crew.
my dept trains every day. we try to do outside training as much as possible. the training ranges from hose and fire attack practices, eng ops, there are times when we train twice a day, depending if we have probies or not. if we train inside, it varies from search, to the pittsburg drill. if the time is there we have also done web based training. hope this helps.
Hey Steve,

Good to here from you again ! I like the ladder concept to start training even if its not part of the drill, its not thought of enough. I also like the rock quarry as it adds to a different demention to our rope rescue training as we have deep sloped ravines.Will be putting some props together for the summer, when they are done will post them. If you get a chance, try a playground, its a very interesting prop with its tubes,slides, rickety bridges and narrowed entry points. Thanks for the reply !!

STAY SAFE !! Dennis
Hey Joe,

I can only conclude that you are in a career Dept. with what you have stated. Are your training hrs scheduled by the on duty officer or required training as to the shift being worked? Is most of your training centered around Eng. Co Ops?

STAY SAFE !! Dennis
The playground is a great idea. I think that will have to be one of our June drills.
we are a career dept. we follow a monthly training schedule. with a influx of new ff's we are trying to do eng ops as much as weather permits. we will also anything else the on duty capt feels is needed.
My company trains the fourth thursday of every month and the topics vary from month to month. This training is the required training for all fire members. We also host a rescuse drill for those who are on the rescue crew or want to participate in certian aspects of rescue training.The months that have a fifth thursday that is used for EMS skills review for everyone. At this drill we all review how to use a KED, AED, Backboard, Neck Collars etc. Our chief however seems to find a way to add another drill in during the month which is usally when another company invites us to a training session with them. Many of our members though keep up with training by continually taking classes during the year to help to keep them on top of the latest training topics out there.
Hey David,

It's great to here your individual members take it upon themselves to take classes to stay current. Many members forget that this is just as important as monthly training. I can't tell you how many firefighters I have met that believe FF1 is all you need and the rest is flying by the seat of their bunker pants. The future of the fire service depends on this type of commitment from your crew along with the weekly training to keep us as close to the ever changing Challenges we face when called. Thanks for the reply !

STAY SAFE !! Dennis


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