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I'm trying to do some research on multi-purpose rotary saw blades. We currently operate 2 Stihl saws: TS400 12", TS460 14"
The 400 is pushing a D'AX carbide blade. The 460, a metal abrasive blade.

What is your rotary saw set-up?
How many saws do you have?
What brand and model do you use?
What is your favorite multi-purpose blade? Was there any in-house testing done on the blade? Pros and Cons?

Thanks for your input!

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We have 2 rotary saws. Both are Cutters Edge 735R's. One with a A.G.E. blade (cheap, doesn't last worth crap) and the other metal abrasive, both are 14" We're trying to get a new Black Lighting Diamond Blade, but got laughed at when they saw the price. Waiting for them to stop laughing before we ask for it again. A few of us used them at a class we took and were impressed on the cutting performance and how well they held up with all the cutting we were doing.
we also carry 3 chain saws, 1 Cutters Edge 2171RS and 2 Homelite 360's
We have five rotary saws, one on each company.

Our aircraft rescue fire fighting vehicle has a Stihl TS560 with a "D'Ax" blade.
Our tower ladder and heavy rescue each have a Stihl TS760 with 24-tooth carbide blade from Fire Hook Unltd.
Our two engines have Stihl TS 700s with abrasive wheel metal blades. The engines use their saws more for forced entry than vent work so that is why they have these blades.
We also have a Stil chain saw on each company except the ARFF unit.

Each company has a 14-inch diameter saw blade case from Duluth Trading Company. This case is made from ballistic nylon and designed for contractors. In it we carry the saw tools plus a 1-2 24-tooth carbide blades, 3 abrasive wheel metal and 3 abrasive wheel concrete.masonry blades. All blades are 14-inches diameter.

We use Sthil saws beasue we like the way they handle (we like the Partner saw too) but we have two large equipment companies in our district that service the Stihls with 8-hour turnaround service.
We have 2 Partner saws. One on each Ladder (one is a reserve). They both have the new Cutter's Edge rotary diamond encrusted blade on them and they work great. For the amount of time we use them, they should last for awhile.
Our Department has 2 rotary saws on each of our truck companies, both are Partner saws one a K1200 and the other a K950. On the K1200 we cary a sacrificial metal cutting blade. On the 950 we cary a 14" Diamond Tiger tooth, which is a multi purpose segmented diamond blade. We have used this blade on a variety of materials, including vehicle doors, masonary, wood and up to 12 layers of comopsite roofing material. The blade shows no sign of reduced performance. About $350 a copy. The Truck Co. also has a variety of other blades that we can change out on scene including Carbide toothed wood blades, sacrificial massonary, diamond segmented masonary blades and sacrificial metal blades. The Trucks also cary 2 Sthil chainsaws with 20 inch bars for roof ventilation operations. The Engines cary one K950 with the Tiger tooth blade. We tried a blade called the power ripper, which is a carbide toothed metal cutting blade. The blade worked well, but threw off a large amount of shrapnel when used.
Thanks fellas for your info. I plan on doing some research and look at some thinned out funding sources to test and possibly replace the D-AX on one of the two saws.

Appreciate your help - stay safe!
I got to cut with a new blade at our latest structural collapse drill. It is called the Power Twister. It is a diamond blade that will cut through concrete, steel, and everything in between. It is VERY impressive and cuts remarkably fast through reinforced concrete. One of our rescue companies has been testing this blade for a few months and it is showing very little wear.

You can find it at:

This may be the front line blade for both of our rotary saws, as it effectively combines the necessary functions from hardened forcible entry, roof top operations, and concrete cutting.
This was just standardized by our department. Credit given to our apparatus committee.
We just got a couple of the Simonds systimatic rescue blades. So far they're great. We have them on a Partner K950, and so far they have cut right through everything we have tried... Granted, its only been a few things around the station in training, so we'll see.


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