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Does anyone out there have a copy of their hair regulations they can send me? My department is having some problems with compliance on the part of some of our members. Any information will be greatly appreciated. I contacted OSHA and can't seem to get a response from them.

Mike Nasta

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Hey Mike,

Most standards cover facial hair and the ability to get a seal. In genreal long hair of the head is a Dept. issue and how it effects performance usually inforced upon hiring or part of the dress code.Check out the following links, NFPA also has standards for SCBA use just look up NFPA Standards.The second link has all about facial hair. If you go to my page and drop me your E-Mail I will send you a copy of our policy. Also the SCBA manufacturers have their own policy. Again , any head hair is at the descreation of the Dept Policy. Good luck !
We had our own issues with facial hair which created a tougher policy. It worked !!

STAFE SAFE !! Dennis
Hey Dennis

Thanks for your reply. If you can e-mail your policies I'd appreciate it. My email is

thank Mike
Hay Chief, This is John Melfa from JC, we met a few times at the FDIC. We have a hair policy in Jersey City. The Department holds the (male) firefighters to it. They are relaxed with the Female firefighters. But for the most part it works. I can try to get it for you if you don't have it yet. Or you can call our HQ.

Good luck

thanks for the reply if you can e-mail your policy to me at I would appreciate it.

Mike Nasta
I sent you our SOP. Let me know if you get it

hey cuz
be careful on the hair and the discrimination laws
might not be something u can regulate -- talking about on the head, not the face
all it takes is one person to challenge it and it could get ugly for the dept.
so long as head hair is neat, i say leave it alone (and so does NHRFR -- in fact it was not put in our Rules and regs for that very reason)
back in the day, my hair was so long it drove my deputy nuts
he blamed it (and all the woesin this country) on the beatles
now for every hair i lose on my head, 3 more grow somewhere else on my body
grass don't grow on a busy street you know

My department has a pretty straingt forward policy. Hair is to be maintained neat and clean. No specific length requirement, as long as it does not interfere with the use of firefighting equipment or the safety of personnel, in the judgement of the DIstrict. Hair shall be under all protective equipment during operations. Long hair will be kept under the hat when wearing dress uniforms. Facial hair is permitted as long as it does not intefere with ppe.

Basically nobody is allowed to have a beard or long sideburns. That is also a federal law. Check with Chief Haltonm, he can quote the law.

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