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Ok, I am looking for an honest poll here....So, without looking or asking your neighbor, what kind of imager does your department use and if there are more than one what are they? Also, if you do have different cameras do you know the operating differences between them?

Thanks, Piep

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It figures G-Ron would mention size....

In Yuba City, we are using the Bullard T3 handheld TIC on all of our engines and BC's rig. The TIC are a little over 5 years old and starting to show their age. I hope we start looking at new cameras in the near future.

I am a TechRep for Morning Pride's Fire Warrior hands free MicroTIC. The hands free FireWarrior is a small compact (3"x3"x3" and only 19oz.) helmet mount camera that allows the user to use both hands while still being able to use the TIC. The other nice thing about the Fire Warrior that previous helmet mount TIC's didn't have, is the ability to see other things through your SCBA mask. I like this FireWarrior because like anything else in the fire serivce, if we can make it smaller, lighter and incorporate it into something we already use, it will get used more. How often does your TIC get left on the engine? With the FW, you can put it on your helmet at the start of shift or enroute to a call and it will be there when you need it.

If anyone's dept is in the market for TIC's and would like to set-up a demo with the Morning Pride Fire Warrior, drop me a line. We can set-up demo's and live burns if you have a burn room or aquirred building.

Sorry for the shameless plug, but this looked like a good place to start. For more Thermal Imaging Discussion, join the Thermal Imaging group I have started. All are welcome!!

Eric Hankins
West Coast TechRep
Morning Pride Fire Warrior Thermal Imagers
(530) 682-5393
Hey plug away!!!
LOL thanks Chris....
We have MSA Evolution 5000 tic's on our front line engines and aerial. We have 1 Bullard T1 on our light duty rescue. I like the smaller size and portability of the MSA's. I don't think the difference in technology separates them too far from the Bullard, but the size, weight and portability certainly does.
Any free samples?
Bullard T3 on every Ladder and the Rescue.
Morning pride does offer demo's. Send me an email @ for more info...

We use a Scott Eagle X, and I really like it. Light, easy to handle, good field of vision. Had a Cairns Viper and it broke....To big and cumbersome anyhow.
We have also switched to the Bullard T-3 max. The TIC is more compact and we want the Company Officers to bring the tool with them. They have been more likely to keep the smaller T-3 attached to their SCBA harness. The tool does no good sitting in the rig.
We have a handheld MSA 5200.......LIKE IT ALOT!!
We have two of the older ISG's, I can't remember the model. They work very well, a little slow on warm up time, but good none the less. We also have a Bullard T1 on our haz-mat unit. I like it better due to the size and easier operating,it also allows us to send video back to the command post.

Shane Eaton
The T-3s are on all engines, trucks and soon on all ambulances. Our ambulances are staffed with cross-trained Firefighter/Paramedics. They are often assigned as independent companies or linked with other companies on the fireground.

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