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We have a Carmody Combustible Hazards training kit that we found in our training locker and we would really like to use it. The problem is that there are no instructions with the kit. I have done a search on Google and other web sites and found very little information. I am hoping that somebody on Fire Engineering’s community has used or currently uses the kit and could be of assistance. Thanks in advance.

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Chris could you e-mail me a copy of the manual as well at


Thank you Glen Carter

andhiyono suroso said:

I have two sets Carmody in my sites which have no instruction manual
would you please send a copy of the instructions to me also to
Chris Steeves said:

I have not been able to find one for sale anywhere, not much info on internet either. I could email you a copy of the manual and you could probably buy all the pieces from a lab supply store. I think the trainer is great you can really teach fire chemistry with it not just tell the students about it.

I can see that this thread has been active for over three years now so I hope that someone can help in supplying an Instruction manual for the Carmody Model CHT-700-C.


Mail to: j.l@vodamail


Much appreciated

I would also like to see if I could get a copy of the manual. I teach at two seprate Fire acadmeys and also assist our departments training staff for a 400 + member department. We can always use a new method of presenting ideas to the department and like to keep it interesting for the students. This sounds like it would beat them looking at power point slides. My email is for the city or my private email is

Thanks in advance, if your able to send this I will repost for you and become the next keeper of knowledge for awhile for you so you are not having to always respond to the request.

G Haynes


I'm sure you have already sold yours but asking never the less-- just in case--let me know--

Chief Les Whalen

Williamstown Vol FD


William J. Fries said:

I have two Carmody Combustible Hazards Trainer sets that I used years ago when I did private consulting/teaching at various fire schools. It is a great tool for instructing fire chemistry. One is in like new condition and is complete, including the manual. This probably isn't the proper forum for selling equipment, but if someone is interested, feel free to contact me, as I may be willing to part with one.



If you would happin to still have or know where I could find one of these kits and instructions please let me know.I am a new fire Intructor and would very much like to get one. If nothing else maybe I could get a copy of the instuctions. Thank you

   1 740 645-7716


Sorry it has taken so long to respond to some of the request.  I misplaced my copy and could not remember where I had saved the electronic version.  I am uploading the PDF version hopefully this will work for everybody.




I saw you posting for th Carmody kit and was wanting to know if you could e-mail me a copy?  We have a Carmody kit but all the guys that used to use it have long retired.




Tom Snyder

Louisville Fire Department

Hello.  Yes I am reviving an old thread!  I am looking to purchase a Carmody Combustible Hazards Trainer.  Mr William Fries, who was in this thread above had two for sale.  Do you still have them?  Or anyone else?  Thank you very much.  Henry Gruba

I have a Carmody Combustible Training Kit - Model 700C.  I would like to sell this kit since I no longer do any teaching.  The kit is in very good condition and I have a clean copy of the users manual.  


I am interested. Please call at 1-800-798-9250 ask for Glen Carter to discuss the details.


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