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What are your thoughts on the roll technique when advancing hose? This is usually used when you need to advance hose with minium manpower!

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Let's share some technquies and sop's regarding this.
I have used this technique b4 also. I like and too have started teaching it in my probie classes.
Thanks Rob! What are some Advantages and Dis Advantages though.
We really train daily on my shift. We are required to do 4 hours a day. We have a new bunch of abandoned buildings, and the contractors don't mind us going it. Once I showed this technique to my guys, it took a life of it's own. When I say it is SOP, like everywhere else, certain Engine Companies develope their own ways to work. We have a bunch of multi storied buildings (4 to 5 stories apartments and SFDs ) going up in my first due, which is relatively new for my city as there is no where else to build. We are adjusting as we go. The Roll does not take any time to complete, and our motto is "take a second to save minutes". Be safe.
It does not work well with anything larger than 1 3/4" hose. If you use smoothbores (we do) or LP nozzles, you have to make sure you chase the kinks after the hose is laid down.
Buy Andy Fredericks Advancing the Initial Hoseline DVD from Fire Engineering. Also Streching the Initial Hoseline. They are by far the BEST teaching tools ever for moving hose. Be safe Bro.
Excellent There are a few that have never heard of this and I wanted to get all the info out that I can about it. Feel free to look at some of my HazMat Training Groups. Remember be safe and train as training will save lives
I have seen this technique used and have used it myself. I think it would be benificial to post some pictures so that firefighters who are not aware of it can see it.
Lieutenant McCormack: Thanks my new recruits are going to be training on this tomorrow and I will take those picture. Great Idea!
Some pictures in a Fire Engineering article.
Section "pulling hose" and "snagged couplings".

Ladders, Lights, Knots, and Nozzles
Stuart Grant
Les Stephens

Another article in FE talks about this also. Will sort through the "archives" at home for it.

Paul: Here is my concern is if there is an Emergency Evacuation the guys on the line have to follow all those loops to get out... What do we do then? That is alot of hose to follow to get out...... I hope everyone likes this discussion and have learnt a lot from it. Remember be safe and train as training will save lives.
We regularly employ this method and really push it in our recruit school. The door man is required to push this loop into the fire building. Since 90+% of our fires are residencesthe loop goes to the bottom of the stairs if it's a 2nd flr fire or to the hall if it's a 1st flr fire.
Todd: This loop is generally not in an area where heavy smoke is an issue and crews might have a hard time finding the door once at the loop. Having an outside man is also helpful (one of the 2-out guys) as he can hail the inside team to aid in the egress and also he could pull back on the hose and pop out the loop to aid in straightening the hose for egress.

This firefighter is demonstrating how to form a charged handline into a loop and roll it as a means of advancing the line when staffing levels are compromised. Rolling the hose in this fashion is far easier than trying to drag it around sharp corners or over debris-covered floors. (Photo by author.)

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