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What are your thoughts on the roll technique when advancing hose? This is usually used when you need to advance hose with minium manpower!

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NO sir! You and your partner are inside the house and you need more hose but are having trouble advanceing the line due to manpower issues. The hose line is charged and you take the extra hose at the door and make a big loop like a tire and roll the extra hose to your partner. DId that help Bro
Anytime Bro! Please take a look at may hazmat training group. I have added a new agree or disagree I II....... Hope things are going good for you
i tried this roll at fdic. work ok, have not tried it at a fire scene yet. looks like it might work though
Hey Joe! Please give us some pros and cons with this technquie::::::::::::
Due to our man power this is a common practice in my FD. I would say it works pretty good. Only problem I have had with it is the houses were the stairs are right behind the door. As in you swing the door open and it cover the stairs. Even after removing the door it had a hard time maintaining itself while making that turn. Great tool for the tool box.
Exellent Bro! Some have never heard of it. Can you Explain it ?
I have never heard or seen this done. I will be sure and try it. Sounds like something everyone needs to know!
Works very well. A 6' loop will give you about 9' of hose. It does work best if the nozzle is not open at the time you are making the loop and advancing as the line is stiffer, but we use smooth bore so we have lower nozzle pressures than some.
This is also a common practice at our fd. In fact it is a given that at any fire, if a guy is walking over the hose in the front yard he will throw a loop in real quick on his way by. We teach this early on in our recruit training. This is a very good technique to use when moving hose to the upper floors in commercial buildings also. You can stage rolls on landings on the way up. A great technique to learn and use
Been there and did that! SOP in my Engine. Great technique
Great How Often do you train on it though RUss
Russ can you also share your SOP with us

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