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The questions are, what kind do you use.? How many does the company have? Have you tried any other brand then the one presently being used? What was the initial training given on the use of camera's? Anything else that you want to had to this, please do

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In my company we have two MSA 5200 TIC, the Officer carries one and the chauffeur carries the other. Each squad and rescue has there own sop on who carries the TIC. Generally each company in SOC has two and right now they are all MSA. Sometimes a company is chosen to pilot test a new camera and that company usually varies. Our intial training on the TIC is done during our rescue tech program. We are lucky enough to have the training provided by Safe-IR. If anyone has not taken there class you should look into it.
We have all MSA 5200 TICs. The company officer os to carry the TIC. We run 3 member crews and may have a 4th member who is a candidate. I went to a SAFE-IR class and had vendor training. We then ran our members through a smoke maze using the TIC which had "hot" props that needed to be identified. I encourage the officers to use the TIC whenever possible such as odor and electrical investigations. We used it on an EMS call to search for a senile resident who walked away from the nursing home.
Our Rescue's(2) carry multiple cameras. We carry a Bullard Commander and a T4. Most the guys like the T4 because of size. Although the commander gives a great picture has the heat intensifies. Right now my company is also trying out the MSA 5200, which I like because of the narrow profile and ease of use. The only drawback (I think) is the narrow view. I wish it had a sort of wide angle lens view on it. My opinion only. The dept probably won't purchase one of these since they never take recommendations from the guys that actually use the equipment. We have a couple of guys that teach for Safe-IR. I'll second Alex's statement about taking a course with these guys. They'll teach you things you never thought about or knew about cameras. We're actually trying to get the dept to get Safe-ir in here to do a training class for the dept wide. They were the guys that gave us the original training about 13 years ago.
We have all Scott TICs. We have all models (Eagle I, Eagle X, & the 160) and we even had 2 of the first helmet mounted TIC that Cairns made. Anyway, the Scott has held up good, there have been some problems with the picture or image. Some of the units are big and hard to carry. We had a problem with lens covers breaking there for a while but i think we got that straight. The 160 I don't like because of the way you have to hold it when you are trying to look at an object. It is desigend for crawling and the TIC on the floor, but when walking you have to hold it awkwardly. All our companies have a TIC and the initial training was provided by Cairns. That training is definitely outdated. I took a class with the SFAE-IR group as well last year and they are great.


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