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This YouTube video by Juston McKinney is making the rounds.

Needless to say, there is varied opinion on it.

Personally, I can appreciate McKinney's sense of satire.

He has cut very close to the bone. There is an outcry wafting through the volunteer sector.

As a volunteer, I find it no more insulting than Leary's Rescue Me.

In fact; I laughed out loud.

Actually; it is more truth than fiction.

What do you think?

See video here:

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-Art, I watched the video and it was strangely interesting. But before I comment,maybe you can explain the outcry wafting through the volunteer sector.

Michael:, and Statter911 shows some vollies unappreciative of satirical cinematic efforts.

It's your typical  hyperbole.

We should be able to laugh at ourselves, I would think.

Lighten up, Francis comes to mind.

My mention of other websites in no way is an endorsement.


-I'm not sure why someone would make a video like this, especially if the creator is a firefighter himself. This video piece does nothing to enhance the fire service in general and I think I understand why some would find it offensive.

-On the other hand I do agree that we as a society have become so oversensitive, so politically correct and so hyperconscious of even the slightest perception of offense to anyone or anything that, society as a whole is nothing more than a p**** whipped, candy assed, Brady Bunch version of itself, in no way prepared to deal with the hardships or adversities our parents or grandparents were capable of. I'm convinced that most people that hink they have tough skin are really just the loudest crybabies.

-Now, enough of my rant. I still don't like the video clip. I think it just paints a very poor picture of the fire service.  Maybe I'm a boy scout or tilting at windmills but I don't like nor endorse anything that in any way disparages the fire service. I sometimes feel that the fire service is the last bastion of honor, selflessness and integrity within our communities and I will defend them against anything that besmirches that image.

-And for the record, as a professional firefighter I also cannot stand the television program Rescue Me; it is such a load of S!@T that works overtime, on a weekly basis, at lowering the public perception of firefighters, who we are, what we do and how we do it. If Leary had an ounce of respect for firefighters he would discontinue the show. Whats next, a television program that weekly debases the church and organized religion, portraying every one of them as being nothing more than alcoholic pederasts? 

-We should be able to laugh at ourselves but respect must draw a line somewhere.

The Video is a Slap in the firefighting Profession regardless of whether you are Paid or a Volunteer.

While I think that if viewed by the general public it can be damaging to the volunteer fire service, I have to admit that I chuckled a couple of times and rolled my eyes more than once.


First off the POV response is right on the money in a lot of places. In my department, we are FORBIDDEN from responding to the scene POV unless it is on your route to the fire station or you are given specific permission to do so by an officer (and that officer better have a good reason for allowing it). However, the scene depicted in the video is all to common.


The problem with this video is as I said before, it can damage the public perception of their local VFD affecting fundiraisers and potentially even funding from the township of county. Especially because the kernel of truth in some of the depictions will tend to lead the viewers to buy into the entire stereotype.


Just my two cents...........

I can see how some would not like the video.  I however believe it has immense value as a training aid.  Joe Public isn't going to get the jokes or think it's funny, but I plan on showing it to my volunteer department as part of a training.


In order to be a progressive organization, fire departments whether volunteer or paid on call, or career must have the courage to be self critical.  If this video can get that point across, maybe it's an excellent catalyst for change in the fire service.


If we don't find a better way to provide better services to the customer someone else will.


My opinion - and we all know that opinions are like ....

Personally I’m not a big fan of this clip video. Regardless of Career, Combination, or Volunteer we must come to the point where we realize that fire is fire and we all have the same challenging job ahead of us. I got my start as a Volunteer and still proudly am, but I also serve as a Career firefighter and to be completely honest in my eyes we aren’t that far off. Our volley department trains hard and we have a good understanding of how this service operates. I understand that there are departments out there that were well represented by this video…. But please keep in mind there are many Career departments that also can be seen in this behavior. Now is not the time for separation of our great service, its time to see brothers as brothers and leave it at that.


Train Hard,




When you talk about this video showing the fire service in a bad light; where does it stack up to the bad light drawn to us by firefighters drag racing, firefighters setting fires, firefighters charged with drinking alcohol while on duty, firefighters showing up at a housefire while intoxicated, firefighters driving too fast for conditions and wrecking a $600,000 truck, firefighters stealing from the fire department, firefighters sexually harassing other firefighters or using racial epithets?

Really; this video doesn't even register on the scale.


Good point Art;


IMHO the series is "ENTERTAINMENT and not about community education. Like what I posted on their fb page, that this could help or hurt volunteer departments. It all boils down to how the average person views the content. Millions of people have watched "Rescue Me" many of you are not fans but I and many other because we see it for it's entertainment value and not as a realistic depiction of the FDNY. Many of us have personal friends who work there and although it is not fair to them to have a show depict poor images of the department, the citizens of New York know that when the S#%T hits the fan, they can count on our brothers and sisters there to get the job done. So what are some ramifications that have happened to us in the paid departments or even the volunteer side because of "Rescue Me"? I can't really say that I know of any other than both are being pounded by budget cuts, brown outs and layoffs because of politicians.


What we need is a show that shows the actual and truly unscripted side of firefighting! You might want to know that this has been underway for years by an individual from LA. His name is David Furtado and runs Tule Fog Productions and a website called The Battalion he has done several shoots from San Diego, DC, San Fran, Tampa, Olathe, Pierce Co #6  and many others FD's across America and in Canada. David has been trying for years to get the series on TV and no one has taken the opportunity to run with it because they feel it will flop like "Firehouse" that aired on the Discovery channel filmed in Boston.


Good things can and will come from this but not without storms and waves.


Keep The Faith!

Well Art, the things you mention are more like a floodlight and the video is a mini mag light at best.


I still worry about the image depiction though.............

Wayne: your analogy is nut on.

Brad: very familiar with The Battalion.

We all know what is entertainment and what is real. Well; most of know, anyway.

And you're absolutely right about FDNY.

If shows only depicted what firefighters actually do, how many viewers would it have?

I liked to be entertained.

If I want training, I'll go to YouTube!:-)

I'll exercise my right to not watch it, just like my choice to not watch Rescue Me. That video was a few minutes of my life I'll never get back. I appreciate the idea behind it, but I didn't think it was too funny. Ah well, to each their own.

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