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Hi, we are wanting to start a heavy rescue and have a rescue committee started to do this. We are a union job with 145 members covering a population of approx. 55,000 residents. We have 6 engines staffed with 3, 2 ladders with staffed with 4 and 3 squads (ambulances) staffed with 2. We currently have 8 firehouses. we have a hazmat truck with enclosed trailer that can make state responses, but only staffed when needed by on and off duty staff. Hazmat is currently the only " rescue" or non rescue fuction. We have some equipment and limited training. We are trying to sell it to our administration to staff a rescue with 4. If you have any information that could help us make this a reality I would be greatful. Thanks Doug

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We have just completed a feasibility study to merge our fire department and another here in Colorado. From a technical rescue standpoint, I am very optimistic about this. I manage our departments TRT and we currently cross staff our Rescue 3 with an engine company. If the departments merge there is a much higher likelihood that our hard staffing proposal will go through. We proposed staffing Rescue 3 with an officer, engineer and two firefighters, one of which a FF/PM. The other two apparatus in the station would be a Quint with three and a Medic (Ambulance that carries two firefighters, one of which (minimum) is a paramedic as well. I will try and upload the part of the study myself and the team manager from the other department did to give you an idea.

I will tell you that any time you use the words regional and all-hazards you tend to get a little more attention and support. Look at ways to make it a regional resource. Lending a hand to the Brothers ans Sisters of smaller or less fortunate departments around you garners support as well.

One more thing, I posted some startup comments under the technical rescue group, check that one out as well...

BE SAFE...Scott
Thanks Scott, great informaton. We are trying to make this a regional response rescue unit. There is some money being given by the state of Indiana to each district ( ours is made of, 7 counties) that we may get some, but not much from. Our goal is to have it staffed with 4 and i think will get 2. We are also working the ave that it will be in a combination house with a ladder that carries four, and at least two of those members will be cross trained. If you have anything else please let me know. Doug


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