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When is it time to call addtional HazMat help?

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Excellent Commnet Brother! Why do you think that some People wait longer than they should?
Or do you think it is because of the lack of HazMat Education?
Your on the ball BRO! I think the majority of the times it is due to the lack of education. Here in Ohio the State has forced us to renew our Fire cards every three years. Yes there is a lot of complaints but we did this to ourselves. We thought a 36 hour fire card with no training was fine for the last 30 years. We need to train! If we remember to train will be safe and training will save lives
Great Bro! In Ohio I have to do over 100 hours every 3 years for fire and 40 hours for EMT every 3 years. I am a HAzMat Instructor so I have to do an addtional 10 every year. I train and teach a lot! But I also learn a lot too!
I would love copies of your skill sheets! I have the State of Oho Booklet but new ones will always work! I love to train and I train a lot while I am on duty my district reveices about 1500 runs a year and we have plenty of time to train!
I agree totally!! Again, everything is predicated on the basics. A basic knowledge of Haz-Mat will help the company officer in his size up to know when to call for help. Because haz-mat isn't as exciting as a good fire not much effort is put into learning what you need to know to be proficient at dealing with it. Heck, we have officers in my department who don't know how to use an ERG!! I think that is why I get so frustrated
I undeerstand what your saying brother, my guys always have reminders on how to use the ERG every 3rd day. I am nice enough to provide them for them.
If I may, One issue we had was the Officers were worried about the traveling circus. They felt that we would have 40 guys showing up all in personal vehicles and becoming a circus for the media. (Our team is 15 departments but when an activation occurs people respond from home if they are off duty) That is obviously not the case. What we did was divide the team into three equal smaller teams and you respond when it is your week for a Level 1. All level 2's respond with all available members, and Level 3 involves what maybe multiple teams.

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