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I am working on putting together some rope rescue equipment for my department’s truck company. We have a fair amount of equipment now that is spread out over three apparatus, the DC wants to consulate the equipment on the truck co. since we have recently began staffing it full time.

I’m looking for recommendations on what equipment we should carry on the truck co. to set up two independent systems and any other advice that you might want to share.

Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Mike Law

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Hi Mike
Give Rescue Response Gear a call. 888-600- 9116.

Have a great day.

Hey Brother Mike,

I read your post and would like to offer some assistance.

I work for the Charlotte Fire Dept. in N.C. , Having been assigned to Ladder 1 in uptown for 13 years we have had rope equipment on our rig for 15 years. The equipment we carry is enough to handle most low level and some high angle stuff.

We carry:

3- 200' 1/2 static kernmantle (1- for main line, 1 for belay, 1 for 4:1 pre-rigged M/A
15-steel D-rings (large)
20+ pieces of 1" tubular webbing assorted size
6-single sheaved steel 4" pulleys
5- Rescue 8's
2- petzel micro Ascenders
4 class II harnesses
and a bunch of other stuff
I’m sure you have thought about all this equipment a hundred times. I think the most important part that is often over looked is staffing. Having well trained people on your rig. They to need to be able to think outside the box and complete the task safely. The importance of having good rope guys along with the other guys that can tie their knots proficiently. Training on rope rescue is something you have got to do or you will lose these skills. Being able to know when to call for help early on in the incident. I also like the failure acronym. When it comes to HTR your team makes all the difference in a successful job or one we will read about in close calls.
Make sure the rope is tagged clearly. Life safety rope is used only for that! You don’t want to be hanging on utility rope! OR rope some one thought was utility rope drug through some %$#@ you don’t know about. You have a good list going. You may want to consider these things as well.
2 rigging Racks
2 8 plates
at least 2 4" double pullys
Assortment of prusik loops
Stokes baskets
Stokes rig
10 25 foot 2" tubular webbing
Several pieces carpet remnants (edge pro) go to Lowes/ Home Depot tell them you need the sample pieces
Duck tape 2 rolls (More If you’re on my truck )
At least two prettied load releasing hitches (Hokie or Mariners)
A few different size rigging straps.
Pre tying a 4 to 1 haul back system come in really handy ( flip it over you go a 5 to 1)
Hope this helps head you in the right direction.

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