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We all know fire fighters who talk a lot of talk, but fall short on the walk. They throw around the latest fire service buzz words and training topics, but are opportunistic in their implementation. This month's FE cartoon tackles this topic and poses the question "Are You All Bark?".

In my view, if you are going to preach wearing your apparatus seat-belt, then you should be the first to buckle-up. If you're going to squawk at others for their lack of training, then you'd better be the first in the door during drills. As the cartoon illustrates, these "yappers" are like the noisy backyard dog that barks at everything it sees, but is quick to hide when held accountable for the barking. What are your thoughts?

On a personal note: This cartoon represents my first editorial with Fire Engineering Magazine. After working four years with Firehouse Magazine, I've decided to take on a new challenge with FE and am excited about where we can take my commentary. I look forward to posting my cartoons within this forum to elicit feedback and stimulate "healthy" debate and conversation. After all, we ALL learn when we take time to listen...

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I sat through Dennis Compton's Fire service leadership class at FDIC last week, and the biggest point I think he made was that before any of us bad mouth others, which firefighters are really good at, that we look at ourselves first, first to ask if we are the same way, and second, what are we gonna do about it. As Gennaro says, we are all capable of barking. But before we bark, we just gotta ask, what am I gonna do about it.

Other thing is, loud incessant barking becomes inaudible after a while. Occasional meaningful barking is usually taken seriously.
I know guys like this...and some who just think this stuff is all stupid. (too macho for training or safety)...I don't agree with either of them and am working on those guys

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