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Today at the firehouse (11-2) it was a hard to get the guys to train. Their excuse to me was "it is Sunday". I struggled to get the guys off the couch to do a simple half hour of training. I am curious what your crews do for training on Sunday or do you not train on Sunday's?

Todd McKee

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We have always trained on our 2 nd day except when it falls on a sunday or major holiday.(we do 2,10 hr days and 2, 14 hr nights with 4 off) Im not saying its right, hell I wish we trained more. Its just one of those old things that people dont want to change. Dont know why they cant use the whole sabeth thing I know better than that:)
Sunday has always been "our day" and guys are not excited about changing that. I started with simple street test and slowly tried to expand it into type of structure at that location with possible tactical problems and considerations. This can be done from the couch, recliner or kitchen table. Old habits are hard to break but gradually build new ones. Rome wasn't built in a day. Most guys are open to it but there are those that do the bare necessities and move on.
Our dept does train on some Sundays,But Saturday is the main day we train. We have the most fire calls on weekends,during late hours of the night. When and call goes out on and Sunday,not only that is a must,and extra training.,
On the weekends ,when there is no call ,we clean up the dept,wash the tankers,fire trucks and etc.There is always something to do at the fire house.BT
With the size of our dept , it's hard to get out of service for training sometimes. But there's always time on the calender in the evenings or on a sunday....besides , during the week there's inspections, prefire plans , special details, not to mention emergency calls.
It's a good thing that we don't have fires on Sundays either! Oh wait a minute...............
In Crivitz (50 miles north of Green Bay, Wisconsin) we are a volunteer fire department with 4 officers and 21 firefighters. Regular meetings are on wednesday nights and we get 15 in attendence. One weekend a month, we have drills all day Saturday with a turnout of 15 to 18 personel. Drills are never held on Sunday. Church and family are very important in Wisconsin. During hunting and fishing seasons attendence is very sporatic.
Hey Tom ,start giving them and pink slip,those add up,and some fire fighters are out and gone.

We train every day, no exceptions. However, we do things in intervals. Physical training one day, written tests another day, problem-solving video scenarios another day, etc. so that's kind of our "break" day We also do take one day per week to study individually with firefighter training workbooks so that's kind of our "break" day.

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