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At 6:23pm on November 24, 2009, Adam Bean said…
Hey Ben, I hope all is well in the great north. Good news today, I got through all of the classroom, clinicals and passed the state test today for my EMT-I. Which means going back to work next week!!! Its been a rough 6 months but its over for now. Thanks for everything.

At 5:08pm on November 11, 2009, Jeff Schwering said…
Gotta Love the Job Always Brother! I'm still in Fla, I go back the home Saturday. Time off is wonderful.
Stay Safe Ben!
At 4:54pm on November 9, 2009, Christian Cossey said…
I'm not back yet. I'm having my surgery december 1st then seven months of rehab then I will be back.
At 5:44pm on November 6, 2009, Christian Cossey said…
How's it going?
At 8:25pm on November 2, 2009, Larry Glover said…
Hey Brother, I need some advice on working with the younger generation.
At 4:18pm on November 1, 2009, Todd McKee said…
Hey Ben! It would not allow me to reply to your email. Here is my personal cell 740 507 8802. If you could call me during the day on Monday or around 6pm Ohio time. I could explain more about the BHSC Project. Thanks for keeping in touch!
Your friend,
Todd McKee
At 5:37pm on October 29, 2009, Dan Rice said…
Actions not words I think could be the all around answer to half the problems we face! Keep fanning the flames brother!!
At 5:27pm on October 29, 2009, Dan Rice said…
Just wanted to say thanks for the add. Also thank you for your input on the discussion of our own worst enemy. Hope things are well, stay safe.
At 10:45am on October 29, 2009, Rich Driscoll said…
I got to your page from FB and it seemed like a great opportunity to get signed up. I must say, your writing is very inspirational. I printed a few of the articles you wrote and will share them with my guys at work. Thanks for the kick in the pants I needed.

Stay safe. FTM-PTB-EGH
At 4:25pm on October 25, 2009, Jason Franklin said…
Life is good! My wife gave birth to our daughter 7 months ago and I am loving every minute of this new life.

Last we talked, the department was still in disarray, but now two of the chiefs are gone. So the waters have calmed but we are still drifting at the moment.

Be safe,

At 11:17am on October 9, 2009, Ray McCormack said…
Thanks Ben
Keep in touch
At 10:56pm on August 27, 2009, Josh Materi said…
Thanks for checking in Brother. Life is good, about to get married Oct. 3rd. Work is great! When will you be down again?

Josh Materi
Ladder 3
At 5:28pm on August 24, 2009, Eric Hankins said…
Hey Bro, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner... You know with all the new technology things are harder to remember. I got notification of your post on my Crackberry, said to myself "I'll reply later this evening" and what do you know, it's been a least a week.

I agree this site is better for the ones that "Get it" I have been horrible about checking it lately. And even worse about posting up things!!!

Sounds like today is a bad day In Buffalo. I know Mike will take it very hard. He is truley a Fireman's Chief and he considers each and every member of BFD a Brother. Sounds like the two men died for the right reasons though. Sad to say, but true.

Shoot me your email as soon as you can. I am trying to get an insurance meeting set-up soon.

Thanks for the ad and Take Care Brother. I miss you guys!!!

Be safe and Have Fun!!!!

At 2:37am on August 17, 2009, Jodie Denike said…
Hello there. Thanks for droppin in. Saw Tim yesterday (quarterly drill)...made the mistake of calling him little, haha. I think he's lookin forward to gettin out of here tho, for a little while at least. How's it goin up there with over a million acres burning?! That's just crazy! I hope all is well :)
At 2:59pm on August 12, 2009, Adam Bean said…
Hey Ben,
Things are goin, I'm actually sitting in a city EMT-I class right now which will get me back on the line by December hopefully unless s*** changes again which is a definate possibility. Their playing the SAFER act game and still trying the grievence/arbitration avenue. I'm working on some other things too, I had an interview for a dept. a little closer to home the end of last month, waiting to here if I get a second interview. Hope things are goin good at the University. Great article on the International site, I appreciate everything you guys did for me more than you could know. Talk to you soon.

At 4:27am on July 12, 2009, Chad Berg said…
Wow! great words on the FOOLS site brother. You never cease to amaze me, and noboby can put it to paper (or computer) better than than Watash, the warrior poet.
Well done friend.
At 6:28pm on July 8, 2009, Larry Glover said…
Thanks Brother. I sent you my email and home address.
At 4:32pm on July 4, 2009, Eric DePoto said…
Hey brother to yourself and the other brothers, Happy 4th....God Bless this America.
At 8:33am on June 24, 2009, Ben Fleagle said…
In Boston, leaving for Maine on the DownEaster or Down Eastah' Farthest North Fools on the ground in New England!!!!
At 11:05pm on May 4, 2009, Ben Marler said…
Looks like I won't be joining ya'll to eat any lobstah, this year. The economic "downturn" is killing any extra jack I had lying around. Have fun and drink one...or three for me. FTM-PTB

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