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At 11:56am on August 3, 2008, Scott Thompson said…
Chief Billy G it is good to hear from you. I am saving you a place in the drum line next year for the symposium. I will get you the dates. Be safe talk to you soon.
At 10:51pm on July 28, 2008, Dave Dodson said…
Thanks BG....and thanks for all you do. makes a huge difference and creates such an amazing forum for compelling discusion.
At 9:40pm on July 4, 2008, Billy Goldfeder said…
Thanks so much Scott....with all that is going on-ALL OF US from FDIC and Fire Engineering on this Board and the Fire Service in general REMEMBER what you and others are doing for us-and how others have given their lives.
Take care-be safe and we'll seeya soon!
At 2:28pm on July 4, 2008, Scott Richardson said…
Hey Billy,

Today we celebrate our Country's independence. I have never been prouder to serve in the military and fire service than I am on the 4th of July, every single year! I want to thank YOU for all YOU have done to bring the tremendous pride, tradition and excellence to our Nation as well as the rest of the world.

Gos Bless you , the fire service and the USA!

At 1:36pm on June 11, 2008, Robert Owens said…
Great class as usual Chief.....
At 1:05pm on June 11, 2008, Billy Goldfeder said…
It was my pleasure with hopes that it is received well as I believe very strongly in the message and the facts are in many tragic documented incidents.
As far as my ability to talk, change slides and hold a phone...THATS another story!
At 9:20am on June 11, 2008, Bobby Halton said…
Hey little brother
Thanks for opening my new show today FDIC online, love ya pal.
At 8:18am on June 11, 2008, Rick Graba said…
Glad you enjoyed them! I am an FOG and really new at sending links, etc. So let me now what you need or how to get the vids to you.
At 1:27pm on June 10, 2008, Billy Goldfeder said…
Thanks so much Rick-can u send me the link?
At 1:25pm on June 10, 2008, Rick Graba said…
Saw your comments on the secret list about a upon the roof video. I have one on this site that I have been using for at least 5 years by the same title. Take a look. Thank for what your doing!!!
At 4:09pm on June 5, 2008, Ralph Everage, Jr. said…
Thanks for the add. It was great to once again attend your sessions in Indy. Batteries re-charged!!!
As a part of Safety, Health, & Survival Week, I plan to sneak in a viewing of "And The Beat Goes On" for all of my crews.
Thanks again for your contributions! Keep it going!
Be Safe,
At 3:19pm on June 4, 2008, Billy Goldfeder said…
Thanks for the comments! They are appreciated more than you know. Busy times here-and even had a few fires lately.
We recently started very heavy 1st alarm assignments in this area and it has worked out very well-using numerous FD's to support one another....and that also includes a "mini-IMAT" response concept so we can get enough OUTSIDE supervisors on the scene to support the FF's operating on the INSIDE....on the 1st alarm assignment (as opposed to waiting until AFTER a FD needs it and then having to call for it)
So many times FF's are inside and there are really not enough experienced "eyes and ears" watching the A, B, C and D sides (accountability for that side, eyes and ears for safety as well as tactical ops, watching the fire, the smoke etc)..and we are doing that by having mutual aid chiefs diapatched as a part of our 1st alarms as well. This allows our chiefs to command, operate at the command post, take operations etc.
It's an interesting concept that further pushes the issue of adequate staffing-which also must include command support staffing to take care of the FF's operating.
Anyway-enough rambling-seeya soon, THANKS and take care,
At 2:49pm on June 4, 2008, Ron Becknell said…
Thanks for all that you. I recently watched "The Beat Goes On". I then had everyone of my Officers watch it, then they got to watch it a second time with the rest of the department. And I made sure that before viewing the DVD that all of my firefighters knew that we thought the message was important enough that every officer had already seen it once and was now watching again.
Thanks again.
At 4:54pm on May 30, 2008, Kelly Saunders said…
Chief been a fan for years. Was honored to see & listen to you this year at FDIC. Many of our SOG's & policy's have been a result of your Closecalls website & lessons learned from it. Thank you for all you do!
At 12:06am on May 14, 2008, Jesse Hodorowski said…
Thank you for all you do for all of us in the fire service. Please keep it up. I look forward to meeting you next year at FDIC. It's guys like you the recharge my batteries!
At 11:51pm on May 13, 2008, Billy Goldfeder said…
Thanks-I will put it on The Secret List in the morning,
At 8:33pm on May 13, 2008, Bob Lindsay said…
Mark's Coyne's funeral service will be held on Monday at Crossroads Church in Madison 3815 S. Dutch Mill Rd just off of Stoughton Rd.
Visitation will be from 3-5PM and the Funeral Services will begin at 5PM
> St. Mary's is holding a CISD on Wed. @ 9AM in Bay 6 (it is likely that one of the Med-Flight nurses will be able to join us). Anyone is welcome to attend. We view this as an opportunity to get together share and to heal.

> Desiree and Stacy have been planning Steve's and Darren's funerals over the last 24 hours. Both families have decided to have one funeral, honoring both of them together. The Memorial Service for Darren and Steve will be at 7:00 pm Thursday at Monona Terrace. They will begin seating people at 6:30. Please try to carpool since parking is limited.
> Mark's family is planning his funeral for next week. I will forward information to you as I receive it.
> UWHC is planning a Memorial Service to honor the entire crew this summer. This event will be open to everyone. A date has not been selected for this service yet.
> We would encourage those attending the memorial to wear their uniforms.
> As far as donations go, please consider waiting for a memorial fund to be established. The Dane County EMS Association is planning to send a plant on behalf of all the EMS services. Also Dane County Emergency Management -EMS Division sent a plant to both the Medflight staff and staff at MATC EMS program on behalf of all the EMS services.
At 9:18pm on May 11, 2008, Bob Lindsay said…
Link for local coverage of MED Flight crash in Wisconsin.
Doc Bean and Mark were good people to work with. They will be missed.
At 10:00am on May 2, 2008, Randall W. Hanifen said…
Chief Goldfedder,

I sent you an e-mail reference the project discussed at the Sycamore Creek Fire, but not sure if it went through.

Talk to you soon

Randall W. Hanifen
At 1:23am on May 1, 2008, Bob Lindsay said…
Hi Chief,
It is great to see you again!

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