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At 2:33pm on November 28, 2008, Brad Hoff said…
Hey Chief! Happy Belated Thanksgiving. I'm sure you were enjoying your warm weather and it has been warm here....well at least it's above zero. Can't remember where I can find your departments protocols for establishing an Honor Guard. If you could post them on here or email them it would be greatly appreciated.

I liked what Marnie had to say, she is so right! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to opening hearts and minds on our tradition of the job with you book and podcasts.....this stuff is like a good drug, it's addicting to the point that everyone in or brotherhood should be an addict.

Say no to Mutts...say yes to Brotherhood Tradition

I hope to see you in a few months brother, when it's warm here!

At 1:05am on November 28, 2008, Alex Simon said…
Happy Thanksgiving Sir :)
At 3:21am on November 27, 2008, Marnie Price said…
Happy Thanksgiving, Chief, to you and yours!! A person who has no knowledge of their past is like a tree with no roots. Thank you for growing our fire service roots, brother! After all, being a firefighter is not just what we do, it is who we are!! KTF
At 3:22pm on November 24, 2008, John Barrett said…
Hey Chief,

I just got done listening to your most recent podcast...and would like to ask you for a few minutes of your time to learn about our efforts
At 7:39pm on November 15, 2008, Doug Price said…
Chief, Hope you had a good trip home. Me & my wife enjoyed meeting you and your class today 11-15-08. It refired my spark for the job even more than what I had. Thanks again!
Take care buddy!
At 11:59am on November 12, 2008, Julie Simmons said…
How ya doin' Chief? I miss you!
At 6:28pm on November 10, 2008, Bob Shovald said…
Hi Chief
Hows things?
Do you guys use any CAFs in Lewisville?
At 3:17pm on November 10, 2008, Dewey Schmidt said…
Chief Lasky,

Could you email me a copy of the softball article

At 2:29am on November 10, 2008, Ben Simonds said…
Hey Chief.
sorry it took so long but I just wanted to know if you got the FOOLS shirts or not from Alaska. Sent them to your home. I was wondering if I could get a LFD Pipes and Drums shirt from ya.

Great FOOLs of Fire
At 11:03am on November 3, 2008, Brian Meroney said…
Hey Chief, Enjoyed chatting with you & Chief John Salka in Fort Worth. I have finally the Elevator company to work with me on my class. Thanks for the advise.
At 2:03pm on October 31, 2008, Joel Holbrook said…
Chief Lasky, I am writing you for two reasons, first I would like to invite you to my friends list. Secondly, I want to express to you the excitement, not only I share , but my entire department shares in the anticipated lecture you are to give to our department in October 2009. Be Safe
At 12:34pm on October 24, 2008, Doug Price said…
Chief, Hope this finds you well. I just found out your coming to N.C. for a weekend school next month, me and the wife have signed up for the class, we can't wiat to hear you speak. We have both read and love your book. Take care
At 3:43pm on October 20, 2008, Brad Hoff said…
Chief, Thanks for putting out the great stuff, LOVE IT. We are the voice of the Brotherhood and you definitely are an important bearer of the speaking trumpet!

Can't wait to see you up here next year in the summer, that is I hope we have one next year, lol.
At 12:50pm on October 13, 2008, Tim Kelahan said…
Chief good to see you out there - Hoping to get you to Arizona now that I'm here .
How booked are you and when are you available?
At 10:36pm on October 2, 2008, Ryan Cox said…
Thanks for the inspired talk yesterday. I know for a fact there were alot of ears that needed to hear the good word. Keep it up!
At 5:39pm on October 2, 2008, Tim Kelahan said…
Chief - Now residing in Arizona and looking forward to trying to get you here for classes.
Long live the F.O.O.L.S.
At 10:56pm on September 26, 2008, Ryan Cox said…
The offer is open and doesn't expire! I can be reached at Thanks for everything you do.
At 6:01pm on September 26, 2008, Ryan Cox said…
Chief, I'm not alone in saying that we are looking forward to having you up in Olympia Wa next month. Any chance the local FOOLS chapter could trade you a dinner and beverages for some stories and inspiration. I'm sure you'll be a busy man when your in town but it would be our pleasure Chief.
At 1:32pm on September 22, 2008, Mindy Bruecken said…
Chief Lasky,
I saw you speak up in Minnesota last fall. I came up to meet you and shook your hand. It was like shaking a bunch of bananas!! You are a great writer and I love reading your book. Thanks for all you do, Sir.
At 1:50pm on September 20, 2008, Gino Bellizzi said…
Hey Chief, I have been looking for your cd to buy for our department. (we could use alot of pride and ownership) But i can not find anybody that has it in stock. if you have any ideas where i can buy it could you let me know. That video changed me more then any one thing in the fire industry. Thank you, and ill do my part spreading the word.

Engine Co.94

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