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At 7:08pm on December 6, 2008, Ron Smith (a.k.a. G-Ron) said…
Look for the chiar with the funny mark in the middle.
At 8:16am on October 21, 2008, Kristofer DeMauro said…
No problem, looking forward to the ground breaking Keep us in mind.
At 12:44pm on October 20, 2008, Karen Gutenkauf said…
Hello Kris-
Been wanting to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to attend your training in Owasso and observe the terrific hands on training that was being provided! I can't say enough about how valuable that training was to those who attended. I learned an incredible amount as well. I am looking forward to being a better training provider because of the experience! Thanks for sharing your K & S (knowledge and skills) - hopefully we can partner in the future!!!!!
At 2:50pm on September 16, 2008, Ron Smith (a.k.a. G-Ron) said…
Thanks for everything you and your guys did. Had an awsome time exchanging information and sharing the Brotherhood!

Ya'll (youz?) stay safe,
At 9:24pm on April 21, 2008, John Power said…
Hey Kris,

Thanks for the add sir. I have had the pleasure to discuss a few things with Rebecca. She is a great lady! Thanks again, and Be Safe Brother.
At 12:27pm on April 1, 2008, Frank Ricci said…
Kristopher, you are now have been promoted in our group. Feel free to Run with it. I would like to get firefighters to post any staffing studys that support our position. Please send note to your other group to move over and desolve the old group. With your help we can make this one stop shopping for any info on staffing.
At 9:40pm on March 27, 2008, Kristofer DeMauro said…
It may, or should I say, it has come to that point. I watched "Fire Ops 101" good idea. On the road from being a good to a great fire depart, our only flat tire has been staffing. Thanks for the link
At 10:44pm on March 26, 2008, Frank Ricci said…
Our local used to remain neutral in political elections; our President took a stance to become issue advocates in the elections. It paid off we achieved one of the best staffing agreements in New England. It is clear that the elected officials want to have firefighters on their side. Even if your candidate doesn’t make it, others will take notice and want you on their side. The local took full page adds in the city papers protesting company blackouts of engine companies around the city. I will post the newspaper add later. We handed out flyers around the city and participated in Fire Operations 101 on a state level. For more info check out On the Road with Bobby Halton with Frank Ricci. On the education side check out the film “Smoke Showing” on staffing. 1) What strategies have worked for you? (2) If you have any staffing study abstracts, please post in our group. There are more repleys in the other staffing group as well as 2 films
At 12:50pm on March 25, 2008, MARK MCLEES said…
Even though our official schedule is 08:00 to 18:00, the night shift starts rolling in around 15:30. The day tour guys sit in seats at the back door of the firehouse as the incoming guys have to walk through "the gauntlet". And the fireworks and fun begin.... We are probably the only profession where you can satisfy ALL your social interaction needs AT WORK!!! Anyone else out there feel the same? I LOVE THIS JOB!!!
At 10:11am on March 24, 2008, Rick Lasky said…
Thanks brother and I will as soon as I can!

Be safe
At 10:19pm on March 17, 2008, Rick Lasky said…
Thanks buddy!!

Be safe,

At 6:13pm on March 15, 2008, Brian Arnold said…
Hey brother,
How's life up north? I'm still trying to figure out all the particulars with this website. Can't figure out how to add you as a friend. Call me at EOC if you need anything.

Stay safe,
Brian Arnold
At 10:16pm on March 11, 2008, Frank Ricci said…
Kris, we could use your input for our group, check it out and sign up Tactical Building Blocks & Air Management
This group will focus on aggressive interior firefighting. We will address tactics that increase your chance of not getting jammed up and cover what actions to undertake if you do.We will cover some big issues as well as small tactical tips

Be Safe,

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