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Fire and Emergency Services Exploying:Safety Issues

We have about 6 young men ,that is in training .(Explorers)) One issue that requires particular attention is what the Fire and Emergency Service Explorer will be allowed to do at the emergency scene.Many departments allow Explorers to respond on the apparatus with trained personnel.A solid policy must be established as to what the Explorer may not do once he or she arrives on the scene.
Explorers may not be substituted for trained personnel
''''''''must be equipped with personal protective equipment that is appropriate for the activity being done.
''''''''''may be mobillzed only as a post ,with required leadership.Explorers are not on call as individuals.
''''''''''Explorers who ride on apparatus or other department vehicles must be seated and must wear a seat belt.
'''''''may not drive department vehicles
'''''''may not climb aerial ladders
''''''may not climb ground ladders that exceed 35 feet in length,or not supported against a structure.
'''''''''may not enter or perform ventilation procedures on burning structure.
''''''''may not use any tools or gloves on energized electrical equipment.
'''''''may not handle life nets.
'''''''Exceptions:Using and official training facility ,the use of aerial ladders with appropriate safety equipment,and entering a controlled burn building is approved.
Are there any depts that have the same rules to go by?

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Comment by Michael Haefner on November 15, 2008 at 6:31pm
The reason those rules were created was for insurance purposes. The insurance is normally covered by the boy scouts. A fire department can break those rules if they provide their own insurance. I started as an explorer and was allowed to respond on all calls. It was perferred that we ride the second out rig but if there was a seat open we could ride the first out. We only had a few active members and one of the things that we always did on scene was to get equipment out, switch out the bottles on the crew members after they make entry, and of course, assisting in cleaningup after calls.
Comment by Joe Heim on November 12, 2008 at 8:24pm
We have an explorer program, they don' t go on calls with us but they do participate in our training exercises. Other things that need to be added to the list is we do not allow them to us power or hydraulic tools eg. saws, spreaders and cutters.
Comment by Brenda Tenney on November 12, 2008 at 7:56pm
I agree with you Jeff,Our Explorers are going though training this week,and the next.They have to go though so many hours of training,But there is only so much and Explorer can do,until he are she turns 18.
Comment by Jeff Betz on November 12, 2008 at 6:42pm
I have that list also, from the learning for life website. It's a great start, but local departments likely would need to add to the list to make sure everything is covered appropriately. As an example, LFL's list states they can't handle life nets; looks like the list is very dated. More of a true working list should be compiled.

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