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This week I learned something new that I preach about but didn’t fully understand the value of its meaning until this week; Reliance. Such a powerful thing reliance, the ability to rely or depend on someone else exposes so many amazing qualities as a leader.

The first quality is TRUST, proving that you can depend on others shows that you trust them, people will work harder at accomplishing the mission if they know that they are trusted to execute it.

Second would be exemplifying the word HUMBLE, by trusting others to execute tasks or to discharge all of your expectations without having to watch them or direct them is an amazing trait. Showing that you can work well with others and rely on them to help you deliver an amazing product defines being humble. Far too many times do we have leaders who think they have all the answers and they refuse to accept the assistance nor give the trust to the people they work with to help them deliver a good product. These leaders are full of their own ideas and have no room for any suggestions, they get stuck in tunnel vision and therefore end up failing at what they feel their vision is because they never relied on or trusted anyone else to help them put together a vision.

The last would be VERSATILITY, having the opportunity to work with an amazing group of subject matter experts who are willing to offer assistance in the delivery of the product makes both you and your organization versatile. The more versatile we are, the better prepared we are for everything that can and will be thrown at us.

This past week, I had the luxury of having a successful week delivered to the men and women I work with by relying on two of my company officers. They proved that I need them in order to continue to deliver the amazing program we have where I work. I am proud and humbled to be a part of their team. I share this story because it opened my eyes, I guarantee there are a ton of Chief Officers, Company Officers or Training Officers who feel they have it all figured out, and that they don’t need anyone else to help (or how they see it “interfere”) with their product. That right there is the issue, it’s not “their” product, it’s the Department’s and the Teams’ product. In closing, the effectiveness of your program lies heavily on the willingness and ability of the people you expect to execute the objectives. Go network with your teammates and together you will build an amazing product.

In all that you do, God bless, stay safe and take care!

Dave McGlynn
Passion in Leading, LLC

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