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The Citizen. The Neighbor. The Stranger. The Family.

These are whom we serve. Our understanding of why we chose this profession has been diluted contaminated, muddying the waters of our contractual agreement with them, the Citizen.

We are tired of bearing witness to the ever sliding scale that has shifted our level of expectations from masters of a craft to an acceptance of minimum competency. Standing idly by while they come to the slow and harrowing realization that we failed them, the Neighbor.

From this point on, we refuse to sit in purgatory, emerging from the shadows, spreading the message learned from mentors and disciples. We balk at the notion to rely on gimmicks, electing to revert to skills passed on by brothers and ambassadors, honed in the arena of our occupation. We will forever be in debt to those who spread their knowledge, cultivating the passion, instilling the standard, all for the benefit of them, the Stranger.

We understand, that now more than ever, needs to be a recommitment to the foundation of our existence. It is time for a thorough honest reevaluation of the true reason of our profession; the recognition that we exist to add holidays and birthdays, weddings and dances, graduations and retirements. We must come to the realization all of our tactics and abilities, skills and knowledge, successes and failures will all impact them, The Family.

We are not here to chastise from afar, to pass judgment hidden behind anonymous post, but rather to help pass along what was received; passion and accountability. To further expand on our understanding of what our mission should always be. To push for mastery, knowing that it will never be accomplished. To labor at an objective, knowing it will forever be changing. To know that now and forever, our commitment is to them.

The Citizen. The Neighbor. The Stranger. The Family.

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Comment by Scott Ferguson on June 7, 2018 at 8:53am


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