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In this post, I discuss the book: Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring for Your People Like Family and I discuss caring for your people so you can build a high performing team.

So if you want to all out effort, all in attitude, and have fun at work so you can how to get the most out of those around them, keep reading!

Below are the top 5 highlights I had from the book.

– We are social animals and we respond to the environments we’re in.

– We are going to measure success by the way we touch the lives of people.

– Good parenting and good leadership are virtually identical.

– Treat each employee the way you would like your kids to be treated where they work.

– Be patient with those who don’t “get it”: People may have been abused by other leaders. Give them time and space to heal.

Now lets dive a little deeper.

“We are social animals and we respond to the environments we’re in.”
If you go put someone in a group of guys that are just negative and don’t want to do anything, not take care of themselves, you’re going to see that person start molding to that type of behavior. I’ve seen it plenty of times, I’ve also seen it on the flip side, you actually take those people and you put them with people that are motivated, like they work out every day on to training and it really amped about it. You’re going to start seeing those people form to that behavior. So atmosphere plays a big part. It goes along with the nature versus nurture thing. Atmosphere is a big influence. Now you can resist the negativity, but it’s harder, right? If you’re around the good stuff, it’s going to be easier for you to be good and keep that positivity with it.

“We are going to measure success by the way we touch the lives of people”.
So how do you measure success? Some people measure success by the size of their bank account. Some measure their success by how many bugles they have. Imagine the possibilities if we measure success by how many people we’ve helped? Thats a pretty big impact in my book.

“Good parenting and good leadership are virtually identical.”
Parenting and good leadership are virtually identical, I talked about this in my book Fix Your Firehouse
You have to be patient with kids and you have to be patient to be a good leader. Both require you to understand the situation and listen.

If you would like to get the whole story, you can head over to youtube and watch the video by clicking here.

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