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The number 1 poll response was:

Negativity- Holding a bad attitude and spreading it to younger members of the department.

What to do?

Misery loves company. This is an unfortunate truth. 

First things first though. Why does this person have a bad attitude?

The bad attitude came from a frustration.

A frustation in how somethings was done or is currently being done.

The person feels helpless and feels as though they have no control over the situation. 

They are not involved. 

They are sitting in the cheap seats of the department.

Believe it or not, they want to be part of the solution.

They want to be valued.

They are scared though.

To put themselves out there to be judged.

So instead they sit back. Put on a tough guy persona and spread their negativity on how they would do things different if they were in charge.

Sound familiar?

They are spreading their negativity to build their own team of negative nancy’s.

This makes them feel like they have a belonging without having to put themselves out there to actually make things better.

Something happened though. Somethings that discouraged them to get off the right path. 

Maybe they didn’t get that chance to put on a training they saw valuable? 

Maybe they were targeted by some toxic leadership in the past?

Either way, they are wearing their scars as an attitude issue.

They want to be good though.

They view themselves as competent in their skills.

This type of person needs direct influence.  

Find out what they are good at and EXPLOIT it.

What do I mean?

If they are good with understanding ladder truck operations and positioning.

Have them teach the crew.

Rave about how good they are.

Give them more responsibility in areas they are good at.

This is going to take work on your part.

Too often a company officer or senior man wants a high performing crew but doesn’t want to put the work in.


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