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'Student and Master'

The second section of "25 to Survive" and the program at is entitled "Mastering the Environment." A powerful section, with chapters discussing pertinent fire service topics such as: residential building construction, home and community design, stairway management, basement fires, the 360' and fire behavior.  

Attain 'mastery' in firefighting? 

Will you attain 'mastery' after attending this class or reading the "25 to Survive" book? Is it received thru a college degree program, earned after 20 years of service, taught at a hands-on program, discovered thru trade journals, passed on at a lecture, found in a series of internet meme's, understood after application of a helmet decal?  

Unequivocally, NO.

I am sorry. In this, our increasingly 'instant reward' society some may become rather upset with this. In that there is no certificate, patch or helmet identifier that recognizes those who have reached the pinnacle of firefighting mastery (although we have all seen those who think and act in this manner).

None of us will ever reach 'masters' status in firefighting... and that is OK, for mastery is elusive. 

It is not the act of attaining mastery but the realization that our never ending pursuit of it is what propels us forward. 

That journey, those books, the classes, gaining knowledge, experiences, time on the job, it is what comes with the pursuit. The experiences and exposure fulfill us and reward us in countless ways. The information you receive along the path is greater than the water in the ocean. Appearing endless, yet filterable, some of it applicable, other just fodder.  

Knowing that by always striving for mastery, and remaining a student, will make you the best you can be. Being your best, increases the chances of you saving life and property. And that, is the ultimate reward

"You are always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forward." - Conrad Hall

We would be honored to have you stop in and see us next week. Check out the 4 hour preconfence workshop at #FDIC2016 Monday, April 18, 2016 - Room 132-133 from 1330-1730

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