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The Critical Few vs. The Insignificant Many

          I once heard a colleague jokingly say that change would be easy if it wasn’t so hard. I don’t fully agree with that statement. I personally believe that the hardest part about change is actually making the decision to change. I also believe that leading a team through change would be much easier if it wasn’t for a select group of stubborn people who resist change.

          It may be true that most people don’t like change, but it’s also true that for every ten people on your team, there will generally be one who has the ability to influence the others. That person is a culture creator and needs to be considered one of the teams critical few. One of the keys to change is to first recruit your top influential team members and utilize their ability to influence and inspire others. I'm not a fan of the term "the insignificant many", so don't be confused by my use of those words. I believe every "willing" person has the ability to contribute and make that team better. That being said, there are also an overwhelming amount of critics in society that do everything in their power to prevent 'positive change seekers' from taking action. They will criticize, condemn and complain until their dying breath. Their mission in life is to create chaos and tear others down. They are lawn mowers... but like lawn mowers they also rarely leave their own back yard (chew on that thought for a moment). Those are the people that I refer to as the insignificant many. Yes, we can listen to what they are saying because they may be sharing some much needed constructive criticism with us, but there is a vast difference between those who are providing constructive criticism and those with destructive intentions. Don't let the latter - the insignificant many - stop you and your team from doing the right thing.

          When leading an organization through change, focus on the critical few and don't let the critics derail you. 

~ Step Up and Lead

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