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Seeing a lot of students where I go to school I see a lot of my peers who have either been in the fire service for a few years or new fresh firefighters. When we all started in the fire service why did we want to be a firefighter? Was it because they have great hours? Was it because they drive the cool trucks and can spray water? Or was it because they truly care about their community and want to make a difference.  At my home department where I have been very actively engaged for the past 5 years the one answer I always hear of new applicants is, “I want to help out my community.” Then as time goes on I see those firefighters that want to move up the ranks like myself because of all the hard work that we put into the department. However there are always those guys who start out helping the community and saving lives, then they get caught up in the moments.  There have been times when I have had to take a step back and say to myself, “Why am I really here?” That answer to myself was we are here to help and serve our communities. They pay their taxes so that they can have fire and emergency medical protection. Firefighters love their jobs and I know everyone wants to succeed. I am like that myself however in the back of our minds we need to remember why we really took the job and what the fire service is really about. During my time here at Loveland Symmes Fire Department it has shown me a lot about community importance. The community depends on us to be there in the time of need and we have a job to do. Its always about the customer as a store chain would say. Here in Loveland they have taught me the significance of community outreach. They are out in the public doing either touch the truck events, bounce house setup at parties, or participating in a parade for Memorial Day and much more. Today firefighters always have to watch their backs with social media and everyone having a cell phone. It’s important that we do our job for the community and not get wrapped up in our minds that its about us. It’s okay to want to be successful but always remember its about the community and how it will effect them.


Stay safe, Keep Training


T. Foust

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