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Learning From The Past...Made Convenient

Each year we loose approximately 100 firefighters in the line of duty.  While all of the deaths are tragic and traumatizing to those involved, sadly many of them are the same story repeated over and over.  Vehicle accidents and heart attacks are common themes in the LODD notifications, while “combat casualties” seem to be the exception rather than the rule.


We vow “never to forget” and “not to let our brothers die in vain”. Do we really do this?  Do you pull up the NIOSH reports, read them and share it with your crew?  Is that one of these “good in theory but…”  Does it take a little too much time to actually follow through on?  I’m busy and I know it can be tough to keep up with. 


I value the brothers and sisters that the fire service has lost.  I value the lessons that we can learn from them.  I’ve heard most of the important ones before.  I’ve learned about them in recruit school and again when taking classes for promotion or during classes and seminars. For me, some of the details get fuzzy over the years. My perspective and relatable experiences have changed over time too.  But now I’m responsible for others.  Back then I just had to worry about myself.  A periodic refresher on these LODD is good, right?  Absolutely!


What if it was easier?  A calendar available right from the phone that can be turned or off, reminders that can be on or off, and customizable as new events occur or as better resources become available.  Just a quick summary and highlights of top lessons learned to jog the memory and link to the NISOH report or a good article or video for more detailed information Yep, that would be nice.


I took some time over the past 2 years and put this very thing together to fit my own needs. So here it is.   I am able to share this with you to do what you want with it through a calendar you can subscribe to on Google.  You can import it to your device, keep it as a separate calendar or import it and add your own events to it making it your own.  This creation is from the fire service, for the fire service. I created some content but the majority of it is from others. There is no cost and I won’t sell you anything.  You can subscribe here:


Take a quick look at the significant fires that occurred in the months of January and February and stay safe in 2015!

January 5, 1995 -Pang Fire (Seattle)

January 23, 2005 -Black Sunday (FDNY)

January 26, 2014-528 Magnolia (Toledo)

February 5, 1992-Indianapolis Athletic Club Fire (Indianapolis)

February 14, 1995-Bricelyn St Fire (Pittsburgh)

February 17, 1957-Katie Jane Nursing Home Fire (Missouri)

February 20, 2003-Station Night Club Fire (Rhode Island)

“If we do not learn from the sacrifice of our brothers, we are dishonoring them.  The most disrespectful thing we can do is die the way another brother already has!”

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