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Well, you know which side of the isle I sit on. Below are some excellent links that further explain the science, research, and applied tactical aspects of the flow path study and SLICE-RS.

Videos here:

This from Chief Brian Kazmierzak:
This class will provide a firsthand look at the UL/NIST Modern Fire
Behavior/Dynamics studies and show instructors how they can be delivered and
instituted in their fire departments. Controversial to some so be prepared
for some great discussion, but in the end, no one can argue with the numbers
and the studies - these will change how the ENTIRE fire service operates.
Students will also be provided at the end of class with all materials
necessary to deliver this at home! You don't have to look far for good
discussion regarding fire command, control, accountability and behavior. The info from NIST, UL, ISFSI, IAFC and others
is another tool, options, for your fireground. We need to apply it as needed
- based upon our size up. Don't throw your other tools (tactics, procedures
etc) away-add this updated information to do what's best for the people
having the fire and the members fighting the fire. If we can end up less
hurt or killed-(them and us) - that's a good thing-but fire operations are
risky-and sometimes we must take risks to take care of people. Worthy risks.
Not predictable risks. MANY departments have trained their firefighters
officers to consider a hard hit as they prepare to go in. Most departments
have adjusted some attack guidelines based upon conditions. But it's all
about understanding the expected consequences of our actions and focusing on
what's best for the people having the fire.

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Comment by Nick Morgan on December 2, 2014 at 4:56pm

Great job again Paul!!  Unfortunately there is still much truth to this cartoon.  It would be hilarious if it wasn't so potentially tragic. 

Stay safe brother!

Comment by Paul Combs on November 17, 2014 at 12:56pm

Also, here's a great video discussion between Chiefs Bobby Halton and Eddie Buchanan, and Lt. Ray McCormack on SLICE-RS and DICERS.

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