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Here is a blog indicating a fire of unknown location in two story house with bedrooms on both floors. Many more modern houses have sleeping areas on more that one area. The concern here is, where to start your search if the location of the fire is unknown and the fire occurs at a time where the sleeping areas should be searched first due to the time of the fire. 

As usual, the fire occurs at 0630 hours.  There are several bicycles in the driveway of the house and a swing set in the rear yard observed while conducting a 360.

Explain the plan you have developed to search this house. Specifically, how would you search each level (Division). Also, which level (Division) would you start?

You tube link:

Floor Plan First Floor

Second Floor

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Comment by Josh Materi on April 27, 2014 at 11:17pm

We split our Truck Co of 4 members, 2 inside OIC and the junior member are the inside team and the Driver and OV as the outside team.  Our first priority is to locate and confine the fire, the OV will check the basement for fire and give a report of conditions on the back to the OIC.  The inside team will not go to the second floor until he rules our fire on floor one and basement.  Outside team can VES the bedrooms on floor two.

Comment by Skip Coleman on April 25, 2014 at 7:40am
Comment by Justin Renner on April 24, 2014 at 11:03pm
For a number of reasons,I would start my search on the second floor. Open floor plan and chimney effect, probability of bedrooms on second floor,and generally child sleeping quarters on the second floor to name a few. I would start on the "D" side with a 3 man crew, my oriented officer between the rooms (check bathroom) and one FF in each bedroom. Then conducting the same style search on the "B" side of division 2.

With the garage on the "B" side of the structure, any main floor sleeping quarters would generally be on the opposite side. conducting a quick TIC search of any none sleeping quarter rooms on our way to the master suite area. Oriented officer staged ouside the master BR, and a 2 FF search of master suite area due to general large size.

Moving our search to the "B" side searching great room, then staging oriented officer ouside kitchen (TIC search of dinning) and sending 2 FF left and right into kitchen area. Officer may be requested to "bump up" when the family and mud room are found. A quick check of the garage area may be warrented due to it being a possible victim egress.

Any more most homeowners enter and exit there house via the garage entryway. In the event of an emergency muslce memory will cause them to bypass thier front and rear door and attempt exit through the garage.

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