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What is your definition and characteristics of a good firefighter?


Most of you know I am pretty windy and can talk on about any subject but this one has been on my mind lately. So I have pondered on it for several days , we all know firefighters are caring, compassionate, selflessness, and normally an all-around good person , but there is more to it than just those words .

A firefighter is a firefighter 24 hours a day 7 days a week , there is no starting time or ending time however there is times that out of our control that we can’t respond but it usually torments us and makes us strive to do better. I have never seen a firefighter that was too tired, too hungry, too sleepy, too sick , usually you will never here a complaint from them when they are tired ,sick, hungry, sleepy until after the call and everyone is on their way home , and the day I can watch the trucks go past and It doesn’t get my adrenaline pumping and me chasing after it, is the day I will gracefully give it up.

 In my own personal opinion these are some of the characteristics of a Firefighter;

We are Firefighters, we get knocked down, we get up, and we never give up, We are Firefighters

We are Firefighters, we don’t want personal recognition for what we do or did, we want the department to be recognized, We are Firefighters

We are Firefighters, we don’t put on dramatic scenes and tell dramatic stories of the close calls we put our self’s into, We are Firefighters

We are Firefighters, we understand we do a dangerous job and we take calculated risks to perform our jobs, it has been that way forever, We are Firefighters

We are Firefighters, we don’t reset the pager because we are tired or sick or for whatever lame excuse we know our brothers and sisters along with the victim needs us and we chose to be part of the team, We are Firefighters

We are Firefighters, we don’t talk about other departments short comings because they are our brothers, We are Firefighters

We are Firefighters, we don’t look for reasons and excuses not to attend Trainings, because we know our lives depend on it, We are Firefighters

We are Firefighters, we don’t avoid the station during work details, because we know our Brothers and Sisters time is just as valuable as our own, and we have great pride in our Station and respect for each other, We are Firefighters

We are Firefighters , We speak up and get involved in meetings, because we have pride in our department and want to see it succeed, We are Firefighters

We are Firefighters, we have zero tolerance of bickering or backstabbing within our department because a team cannot win unless everyone is in , We are Firefighters

We are Firefighters, we understand that the department is a team,  we win together we lose together, We are Firefighters

We are Firefighters, We wash our trucks and clean our equipment because our image is everything, We are Firefighters

We are Firefighters, We respect our equipment and facilities because we have pride and ownership in them, We are Firefighters.

We are Firefighters, we know the commitment that is expected from us and we strive to meet the goal, We are Firefighters

We are Firefighters, we know that the fire department is not a convenience thing, it an all the time thing, We are Firefighters

We are Firefighters, We proudly serve our Communities with Pride-Honor- and Tradition, How it should be, We are Firefighters


We all have a different outlook on things, but one thing is for sure, when it comes to the fire department you have to be all in, You have to have passion for the job, the stakes are too high for untrained or part time people, My life, my friends life, My Brothers and Sisters life, the victims life and your life is all at stake from the choices you make.

If something ever happened to one of your Brothers or Sisters, or a Family member, would you look for someone to blame? Would you be mad at the department?

Or would you realize that you could just look in the mirror and try to explain why you weren’t at the call, or why that training you missed wasn’t important, or why you didn’t run those calls that could give you the experience needed to make a difference.


If it is something you really want, YOU WILL FIND A WAY, if not you will find an EXCUSE

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Comment by Robert Reid on February 11, 2014 at 10:27pm
“If you want to be a clown,
you’d better be lookin’ for a circus.
If you’re lookin’ for a free ride,
here’s a dollar; call a cab.
If you want to be a “Showman”,
Vegas will welcome you with open arms.
If fulfillment of an ego is high on your
priority list, might I suggest Hollywood.
And if you want to be a millionaire,
by all means, this ain’t for you.
But, if you don’t mind hard work, sweating in freezing weather, getting back less than half of what you give, and finding your name at the bottom of your own priority list, then stick around!
I believe you could be a Firefighter.
Battalion Chief William “Billy” Obenchain”. Roanoke Fire-EMS
Comment by Michael Bricault (ret) on February 11, 2014 at 12:36pm

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