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Hump Day SOS - Brothers By A Different Mother

The opinions about solid streams and fog streams are as old as the nozzles themselves. UL is planning a new round of experiments to answer questions about different hose streams. The advisory group has come up with a good list of potential questions that we want answered. But my question to you is, “What is your question?” What do you want to know about hose streams? What is absolute fact in your mind that you want to confirm through testing? What is absolute nonsense that you want to confirm through testing? What have you experienced that might be duplicated to support your opinion? This will surely re-energize the pushing fire, steaming our members, inside / outside, adequate fire flow……………..debates with camps in every corner. Experiments are fixed and the variables are controlled so we have to keep in mind that often one experiment leads to new questions and no two fires are the same in the real world (because we don’t always have control or know the variables). What we all want to know is, “what happens when you __________? Talk it over with your crews. You fill in the blank and I will try to get you an answer. I also predict that after the experiments there will be perfect harmony among the fire service members on this issue (at least in Colorado where you don't have to go to the top of the mountain to get high!)

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Comment by Larry Glover on January 22, 2014 at 10:12pm
I have a few questions but I'll ask this one first: What will be the new recommended target flow rate? Do we need to increase from the 150 gpm mindset due to the "newer materials" that we find now? Andy Fredericks recommended 185 gpms for residential fires back in the late 90's. The reason I ask this is my volly company is looking to go to a 100 psi/150 gpm fixed gallonage nozzle and go away from our adjustable (that we keep on 200 gpms). Through testing I know we are getting the 200 gpms at pump pressures that are around 150 psi. I'll be doing some more flow testing to back up our earlier testing too.

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