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So, you want to sell real estate?  You want to pour concrete?  You want to be the next top seller in a multilevel marketing scheme?  You want to build houses? You want to sell insurance? Well, then go do it and get out of my fire serivce!

This is my rant!

I have no issue with you doing whatever you want to do on the side. I don't care what you do on your days off.  I even don't mind if you need to do some work during YOUR down time at work so long as it doesn't encumber your efforts to be a masterful firefighter so that YOUR fellow team members can return to station safely because YOUR proficient.

If you can't do that............GET OUT!

I have no issue with you not being a "Fire Nerd." I encourage you to have a life outside of the fire service, but when your here, give me all I you've got because my wife and kids depend on it.

Don't ASSume you know it all because you have been in the serivce for xx number of years.  It makes an A** out of you, not me.

When it's time to drill don't tell me that firefighting just isn't that hard; it can be.  It just goes to show you have no clue.

So, when you walk in the door, you have a choice; you can be a firefighter that cares about those that serve with you or you can be an employee that wants the paycheck, benefits, days off and the ability to wear the cool t-shirts but who will let down the person's family next to you because you just..........don't..........CARE!

What do you choose?

That's all


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Comment by Nick Ledin on June 11, 2013 at 5:17pm

Speak...Great article as always Jason.

Comment by Kevin Griffin on June 11, 2013 at 4:38pm

Well said Jason.  I just gave a speech about this  to our new recruit class that was almost word for word to what you wrote! Several times throughout their training I told them they can work for the fire department or be a firefighter....the choice is theirs.

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