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Many people roam the face of the planet just doing what they do to get by. Some wander aimlessly with no direction, no motivation or even ambition. Few get to realize their goals, their dreams - their passion.

Earlier I sat down to work on a program in development about fundamentals. The terminal objective is to answer, "What’s in it for me" in regards to the fire service and the foundation of the firefighter. We know what the physical roles of the position are but what about the attitudinal? As the glow of a blank slide stared me in the face, I tried to put into words the attitude a firefighter must have. After several minutes it hit me, I cannot tell you what attitude you should have, I can only tell you how I feel. Relief came over me as this was a question I have been struggling with for years. "How can I change attitudes of those around me?" This cannot be done by instructing, telling or commanding, this can only be accomplished by letting YOUR passion shine through.


Demonstrating your pride, commitment, dedication and passion does not all have to be on the fireground or the drill ground. The little things can mean so much more. Taking the time to do the task you are assigned right the first time and with quality, comes in all shapes and sizes. Even though we all will have bad days from time to time, know that you can still let your passion shine. Not all training is great, not every run is life and death but when you have passion for your work, the rewards can still be great.

Never have I claimed to be a great writer or a poet and I thank you for reading my occasional posts. Today I realized something; the most basic firefighter fundamental is something that cannot be taught from a textbook or powerpoint. However, you can inspire passion. When it is in you and it shows, others will follow suit.

"This is the only life I want to live."


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Comment by A Clouser on August 7, 2012 at 8:30pm

Thanks Chris. Kinda needed that lil bit of reminder as I approach a new chapter in my career (soon to be updated). It is a very valid point that we must all recognize in order to not judge ourselves too harshly. I know I am always my own worst critic... but as long as I do what I love with the passion I have for it, nothing will ever have been done without reason and pride.

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